Review 2021 About IOS Beta 3 And 4 Don’t Miss Must Read

Introduction Of Review 2021 About IOS Beta 3 And 4 Don’t Miss Must Read

Review 2021 About IOS Beta 3 And 4 Don’t Miss Must Read.  Ios 14.4 has been out for about a month at this point and ios 14.5 beta 3 has been out for a few days and I wanted to talk about the overall issues with it what’s fixed in it as well as your experience and more and so the first thing is I’m using ios 14.5 beta 3 on my 12 pro max this is my main phone.

I also have it on the iPhone 11 and the iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020 is running iPad os 14.5 beta 3. but first I wanted to talk about ios 14.4 for just a moment since that’s been out for over a month at this point and there seems to be increasing problems over that time so whether you’re using an iPhone 8 plus like this or maybe an iPhone 6s plus quite a few people experience issues such as closing apps maybe they stutter when they close the animations aren’t smooth sometimes things crash and the overall experience.

While I would say it’s better than say ios 13.4 at this point is just sort of not what you would expect with the iPhone for some reason it seems to be degrading over time where maybe even battery life is getting much worse with 14.4 from what I’m hearing now applications seem to run quickly on it the camera seems to work fine things like that maybe opening weather general apps will work fine but there are just weird bugs that pop up throughout so whether that be Bluetooth issues or more there are issues.

I’m looking forward to apple releasing ios 14.5 to the public since it fixes a lot of these issues and with ios 14.5 beta 3 there are quite a few issues that are fixed but there are some that remain and the overall experience has been pretty good but in general, it still needs a little bit of work but we are in the beta series or beta’s beta phase of the update so there still probably will be a couple more.

Now one thing I wanted to mention since someone sent in a feature they hadn’t seen before is Carwin sent this in and this popped up in messages for him now I haven’t seen this you may have seen this with earlier versions maybe even ios 14.4 but quite a few people including myself have not seen this.

Let me know if you’ve seen this already but basically, it says talk instead of the type you can use Siri and tell it I’m running late just to notify your friends via Siri we know we can do these but it’s a new little notification that pops up and lets people know about it to know that you can use Siri for dictation for example or use it in messages so there are little tips that are popping up throughout people message me about a lot.

I’ve talked about that as well as the other feature I keep getting messages about that I mentioned the other day is tv providers showing up in other countries this has been in the united states for quite some time and as you can see here it says at t u verse if I tap on this what this allows is for single sign-in from your tv provider maybe to in your location this would allow you to access live tv.

On your phone through apps for example and so as you can see it says at t u-verse has been saved as your tv provider because at t u versus not participating in single sign-on you will need to sign in to other supported apps individually and so I don’t have a tv provider but I thought I’d show you this so if you have different apps such as Hulu for example or go or one of those it allows you to sign in and maybe get free services.

If you already subscribed via tv provider so that’s all that is and it’s in other countries but I keep hearing about it so I just wanted to bring it up again now as far as the overall usage of this quite a few people are saying battery is significantly better than beta 2 and it has good standby I’ll talk more about that in-depth in a little bit but I thought quite a few of you would be happy to hear that as far as beta 3 based and I wanted to talk about is green tin is fixed in some ways but not others so the major issue.

When you’re booting up the phone for example and there’s green tin on the screen that seems to be fixed but other people are saying whether you’re in dark mode or maybe you’re on a dark display and it dim levels the green tint seems to be there depending on what you’re looking at so some people are still seeing this I’ve never been able to replicate it on this iPhone 12 pro max I’ve only sort of seen it on one iPhone 12 so maybe it’s on certain types of displays such as LG for example versus Samsung since some of them are sourced from different locations or different companies.

So far I haven’t seen it here and those that mentioned it before have not reported repeated showings of green tint showing up so that seems to be fixed as far as the hdr flicker and things some people still report that so if you’re watching an hdr video they may see flickering so if I go into we’re on here and maybe you’re playing a video like this it’s the one I recorded in hdr using an iPhone it’s very bright for you just.

When this is playing for example so some people will see flickering around the edges like it’s a backlit display even though it’s OLED and it’s not backlit so some issues need to be fixed still as far as that goes but I think we’ll see those in future updates so hopefully we’ll see that by the time 14.5 is released now as far as issues people had in beta 2 that is fixed.

Now the music eq seems to be resolved so maybe you’re in the music app find it here music the equalizer if you have eq turned on this seems to be working again this was not working in beta 2 it’s been fixed now but there’s also a couple of small issues that people are mentioning over and over and over and I guess it’s not necessarily a small issue but rather an issue that’s very annoying and that’s Bluetooth many people are having Bluetooth issues including myself.

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