New iPhone 13 News Apply New Watch And Macs latest Updates

Introduction Of New iPhone 13 News Apply New Watch And Macs latest Updates

New iPhone 13 News Apply New Watch And Macs latest Updates.  Let’s talk about all of the different things coming out or things that have launched and so this is your news update for the week of March 28 2021 and the first thing is if you use Apple maps you may have the availability of speed cameras in new locations in new countries so if you go into maps and maybe you’re in Europe or New Zealand, for example, different locations.

Apply Capabilities

Now have access to speed cameras the Netherlands Australia Austria Belgium Sweden and new Zealand all should be seeing these or start seeing the speed cameras depending on where you live they should start showing up in apple maps some people have seen these some have not so it may take some time to show up but you should start seeing them soon.

Now the next thing is with apple music apple has partnered with warner music and Accenture interactive’s Rothko to bring new sales playlists these playlists are to help people that have speech sound disorder or SSD and they contain tracks that can help by teaching those with SSD to repeat challenging words syllables and phrases and help them speak more naturally over time.

iPhone 13 Features

So this is just a way to help people out and you could think of this as an accessibility feature that’s just brought to apple go into search or brought to apple music go into the search for sales and you’ll see these playlists there’s quite a few of them as well now apple is starting to implement even tighter security control at their factories to help prevent leaks there’s been a lot of leaks this year whether you’re talking about iPhone leaks or air pods or anything.

We’re going to talk about today but apple is trying to stop a lot of those leaks it spoils a lot of it of course and some of it is just we want to know what’s coming out of the course and then some people are leaking that and some shouldn’t be so apple is trying to figure out exactly where they’re coming from and put an end to those and so we may see fewer leaks it’s hard to say so far we haven’t now the first thing is with iPhone 13 is expected this year in September.

Display Sizes

Just like every year, we have a new launch around September, and for many people, this will be an exciting thing because apple has shrunk the notch this is thanks to a greek repair provider I repair that leaked some front cover glass pieces to mac rumors and so they came in 5.4 inches 6.1 and 6.7-inch display sizes which line up with what we have today and as you can see the notch is a little bit smaller it’s a little less small horizontally instead of vertically.

We thought maybe it’d be pushed back into the bezel more but it seems like it’s a little bit narrower now based on what this glass looks like so we should see this in the upcoming iPhones with a smaller face id module they haven’t been able to eliminate it but it looks like it’s going to get smaller now, of course, we’re going to have a 120-hertz display that’s pretty much a given at this point with an always-on display as well according to max wine back and everything apple pro.

According to them, we should see that as well as a new matte black option for the iPhone so we could see a new matte black that looks similar to graphite but has more of the iPhone 5 style dark color to it which is something I like how it could be similar to the iPhone 5 or even darker and as you can see here it has chipped over time.

Look Back To 12 pro-Iphone

But this is the dark or flat black color on iPhone 5 and if this was one of my favorites hopefully we see something like this soon and as you can see this is what it would look like thanks to some renders by ian and so this looks nice hopefully we see that with the next iPhone also the sides are said to adopt a new anti-smudge coating now on the iPhone 12 pro and 12 pro max we have this nice glossy stainless steel but it shows a lot of smudges and fingerprints if you use this day today.

You can see I haven’t cleaned this off and you can see smudges all over it and so it’s just sort of naturally when you’re holding to it not using a case you’ll see those and hopefully they’ll be able to eliminate those with some future changes to maybe a coding as you have on the iPhone’s display and oleophobic coding something like that now the back is also said to have a smaller camera bump.

Camera Review

We’ve heard this before but it seems like we’re going to have a slightly different camera arrangement and a smaller camera bump so the one on the 12 pro max for example here is quite prominent it sticks out a bit it could be more of a flat glass look to it may be easier to manufacture and have some different lenses in it as well so it’s said to look slightly different.

We’ve heard this from quite a few different sources so it seems like this is very likely and then also apple is said to be focusing on the battery as well with the next iPhone so we would have the next iPhone chipset that would also be more efficient maybe the a15 for example but a larger battery that would take up maybe the same amount of space maybe it’s more dense or maybe it’s just larger overall but either way it would be able to provide the phone with even more battery life.

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