New features Of IOS 14.4.1 And IOS 14.5 Beta 3

Introduction Of New features Of IOS 14.4.1 And IOS 14.5 Beta 3

New Features Of IOS 14.4.1 And IOS 14.5 Beta 3. Ios 14.5 beta 3 which has been out for a couple of weeks and so I want to talk about the overall experience battery life the remaining issues and whether or not you should install ios 14.4.1 if you haven’t already now the first thing is ios 14.5 beta 3 has a new feature that’s been found I think it’s the last thing that I’ve been able to find with it and some people are seeing this not everyone.

But if you have a phone call and you’ve had a recent phone call or a missed phone call you may get this notice at the top where it says silence unwanted calls now we’ve had that feature for quite some time but it tells you a little notification about it and also it looks like this the first time you open it it will pop up on screen full screen and tell you to turn on skull silencing if you want to reduce interruptions for example.

So that’s something new that some people are seeing I didn’t see it on my phones but some people are seeing this now as far as ios 14.4.1 will cover that first and I’m running that on my iPhone 11 pro max now if you enjoy these follow-ups be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done that already that would be fantastic if you’d like to see more of these videos and the different sort of iPhone updates and reviews I do as well now the first thing with ios 14.4.1 is that it’s been pretty good depending on.

Who you ask now if you’re looking for specific features everything seems to be very similar to what you had with ios 14.4 some people are still seeing lags or lagging when you close the apps for example and so lag seems to be an issue for some but in general, the performance has been great for most people the overall experience has been really what you would expect no real issues other than what you might have had with 14.4 but there are quite a few things that people mentioned that still, sort of exist in this update that.

We’re waiting for them to fix with ios 14.5 for example a lot of people are saying they don’t notice anything but quite a few people are saying that they have issues with Bluetooth still so if you’re using air pods and you’re switching between iPhone and iPad a lot of people are still having issues not only connecting to their iPhone but just with Bluetooth in general with third-party headphones and everything else so there’s an issue here with Bluetooth that’s true on beta 3 as well with ios 14.5.

So there are some issues there some people are un unable to download text messages as well so there are some bugs there I experienced that on 14.5 beta 3 today as well so something is going on with that that could be on apple’s server-side if we’re using iMessage for example but something is going on there also green tin is not fixed with ios 14.4.1 but is being fixed with 14.5 many people have noticed a significant reduction in a green tint, especially on dark screens when booting up for example with 14.5.

So I think they’ll continue to finish this or fix this before it’s finished and release to the public now as far as other issues well like I said some people are still seeing lagging when you’re closing apps and some people are also saying that the phone is getting unreasonably hot so it’s getting overly warm and that can reduce battery power of course if it’s doing a lot of processing in the background which would use the processor more and reduce the overall experience and cause it to lag so some people are seeing excessive heat.

That’s not a lot of people but there’s definitely people mentioning it with this update and then finally people are saying safari has been slow for them on and off so sometimes safari works great sometimes it doesn’t if I go into it now you’ll see I’m on the apple website let’s see how fast it is here it seems to be okay of course some of this can be due to your overall connection whether that be through wi-fi or 5g or 4g depending on what device you’re using but some people are seeing that sort of poor experience with safari on 14.4.1 so overall battery life.

On ios 14.4.1 is actually okay depending on who you ask now we’ll take a look at the comments a little bit later but 55 of you are saying that it’s better based on the comments on the community poll so 55 are saying it’s the same you didn’t notice anything or it’s better or significantly improved 45 of you are saying that it’s not as good and it’s very poor generally the people that are saying that it’s not good are having issues with it getting warm or have just installed it usually it will take a couple of days to sort of stabilizing and others have been saying battery health has gone down.

Now generally when it goes down from say 99 this is the 11 pro max that I used full time for a year and it went down to 93 it’s normal to go down not from updates but just the overall degradation of the physical battery so every time you install an update it rechecks what it is and this will go down over time unfortunately until batteries have a new formulation and someone comes out with a better battery this is going to happen.

This happens on android and in fact in many cases when people use fast charging a lot on android with some of the very fast chargers I’ve seen this degrade much quick much more quickly on say an android phone as opposed to say an iPhone but it just depends on which phone you’re using how you’re charging it but generally eighty percent after two years is normal if you fast charge all the time it may degrade a little bit more quickly.

I tend to charge this overnight all of the time now overall battery on 14.4.1 I wanted to show you some real-world usage so I took a screenshot from my wife’s phone she’s got an iPhone 12 pro it’s been charged every night wirelessly every single night when it needs to charge and if she’s in the car she charges it as well on a wireless charger her battery health is 100 that’s pretty normal if you do that sort of charging I find that leaving it on the charger overnight is not a problem especially.

Because we have optimized battery charging which brings it up to 80 percent holds it there and then finishes to 100 before you get up usually in the morning take it off the charger and you’re ready to go but either way before they had that I always charged it overnight and didn’t have too much of an issue with that her battery life overall you can see this day this was yesterday she got two hours and 43 minutes of screen on time two hours and 35 minutes of screen off time and used about 50 percent of her battery maybe a little bit less.

So she’s getting about five hours of screen on time with this phone that’s if she was to use a hundred percent of her battery I took a look at the next day you’ll see four hours and 20 minutes of screen on time two hours and one minute of screen off time at almost 75 percent of her battery so day to day it varies quite a bit but five to six hours is pretty normal with an iPhone 12 pro and so I’d say that’s pretty decent battery life she hasn’t been complaining about it and hasn’t had any issues there.

Now with ios 14.5 beta 3 well I’ve been running that full time on my iPhone 12 pro max the iPhone 11 also has it and my iPad pro 12.9 from 2020 and so the overall experience here I went over in detail a week or so ago but one thing I consistently see over and over which I left on the iPhone 11 is if you reboot the phone and you go into your settings you’ll see that you’ll have to update apple id settings I see this over and over with a reboot a lot of people are complaining about it and it’s something I’ve seen regularly if you reboot it on the beta it’s annoying because you have to sign back in every time and it’s not a huge issue other than that it’s more of an annoyance than.

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