iPhone XR In 2021 Why I Buy And its Review

Introduction Of iPhone XR In 2021 Why I Buy And its Review

iPhone XR In 2021 Why I Buy And its Review. If you should pick one up in 2021 since apple is still selling it brand new and the first thing is I think apple is selling this still because it sold so well the first year or so it sold about 46 million phones so this was one of the best selling phones for quite some time and I think it still sells quite well due to its price and it offers a lot of value but there are some shortcomings too and the first thing is the price I think it sells well.

iPhone XR Specification

Now especially because it’s 4.99 to start with so 4.99 for 64 gigs of storage up to 549 for gigabytes of storage that’s what apple currently offers it for now so that’s a hundred dollars less than we had in 2020 and like I said it’s the least expensive phone that they offer with face id but you do have the second-generation iPhone se.

Which is a little bit less if you prefer touch id so you’ve got these two options on the low end as far as apple’s pricing goes and i think the iPhone 10r offers a lot of value and it’s a very durable phone over the years that I’ve had it it’s been stored in a bag sometimes with a case without and as you can see the finish is held up really well there is one spot here where it seems to have nicked some of the finish off we’re down to the aluminum and this must have just banged into something that was metal because this is pretty durable in general.

Scratches On Iphone Review

If you have a case on it you can expect this to last really well I’ve had no issues with the ports everything’s held up really well and it’s proved to be a very durable phone it does have glass on the back and front but it seems to be fairly scratch-resistant not as scratch resistant as say the ceramic shield in the iPhone 12. I think some of that has to do with the display sticking up above the edge a little.

A bit but in general it’s held up well and if I turn the phone off here or the display off you can see there’s a few light scratches on it some of them are deeper than others but that’s just from using it putting it in my pocket putting it in a bag for example and then up here there’s a scratch as well so it’s not impervious to scratches it held holds up pretty well but not as well as some of the newer phones also you can see it has face id it unlocks nice and quick there are not any slowdowns.

There I think it’s nice and fast as you pick it up it will unlock just by looking at it and a lot of people like this now again like I said if you don’t then you’ll have to pick something a little bit older like the iPhone 8 plus for example or even the iPhone se that has better specs internally however face id will work great for many people especially with the upcoming updates that will bring apple watch to unlock with a mask and face id.

Display Issues Of iPhone XR

So I think that will be great for a lot of people if that was one of the problems you were having now the display is probably the most controversial thing and that is because it’s a 6.1-inch display with a resolution that’s in between 720p and 1080p or HD resolution so 1792 by 828 pixels but the thing people really should be focusing on is the pixel density of 326 pixels per inch that’s the same as we get with the iPhone sc the second generation and because.

It’s an LCD display it’s gotten a lot of flack because it’s not a 4k display or a 2k display the pixel density though is really what matters as you get close to the display it looks really good it’s crisp and, I’ve compared it with OLED displays such as the iPhone 11 pro max the iPhone 12 pro max and side by side most people that I’ve shown cannot tell the difference if they can tell the difference it’s usually the blacks or the vibrant colors of an OLED compared to say the iPhone 10rs LCD.

Speed Up XR

but it does look good so if I hit play here you can see that it’s on her and it’s nice and bright and it’s nice and loud as far as the speakers so if I turn these off but there are some amazing brights and darks in this display and so it goes nice and loud the speakers work well they have great stereo sound at the top and bottom and just, in general, the display combined with the speakers is a nice experience if you’re viewing something such as a movie or playing a game performance with the a12 bionic.

That’s inside here is very fast anyone I know that has it has not complained of its speed if you’re just scrolling maybe you’re going back and forth between pages or you’re opening the camera or going back out it’s nice and fast if you wanted to play a game, for example, we’ll go to Minecraft just to show you how quickly it loads if you want to use this for a game we’ll wait for it here just a moment and you’ll see I haven’t opened this in quite some time so it does have to reload.

Games Review Of iPhone XR

But I wanted to give you an idea of what it’s like to load or play a game we’ll go into it give it just a moment here go to my world and we’ll let it load so it will take just a moment as it does whatever it’s doing here in the background we’ll hit proceed and I want to show you in real-time to give you an idea of what it’s like it will take a moment and some of this will depend on your internet connection depending if you’re joining online games of course.

But if you’re playing things like Minecraft or among us or call of duty it’s going to be plenty fast as soon as it loads it may not load as fast as other phones but let’s give it just a moment here and so we’re in and as you can see the world is loaded and we can just zip along the frame rates are nice and smooth and one of the advantages you get when you’re using this for example because the resolution is a little bit lower you’re going to get better battery life so this phone.

Bettery Lif review of XR

When it came out and it still holds today with the updates has had great battery life seven-plus hours of screen on time which will usually get you through a day without any problem whatsoever so if I go to the battery this phone was not my main phone over the past couple of years so the battery health is at 100 but you can expect 80 after a couple of years but it just depends how you use it so let me show you examples of battery life over time from a viewer for example.

Now thanks to Jason for sending in his battery usage on his main phone 10r that he uses regularly and as you can see there’s some new battery usage since he updated his phone it started over and he has three hours and 37 minutes of screen on time four hours and 23 minutes of screen off time and he’s only used about 50 percent of his battery.

This means he would get about seven hours of screen on time so it’s got great battery life for the phone it will easily get you through a day without a problem and it supports wireless charging and fast charging so about 30 minutes will get you about 50 percent of your battery and you can use wireless charging you can use MagSafe but you won’t get the faster wireless charging but you will be able to charge wirelessly with this up to about 7.5 watts so it does support that.

Wifi And 5g Speed review

This is always really nice and so this particular phone also has great reception for some reason this seemed to have better reception than the iPhone 11 pro max that I used full time during the time frame this was released it has decent wi-fi no issues there while it doesn’t support the latest wi-fi standards such as wi-fi six it’s plenty fast with the previous versions and cellular seems to be pretty good it does not support 5g.

It does support 4g with dual sims as you can see here so you can have one main sim with an e sim secondary if you want to do that and it seems to have decent reception with its aluminum frame so I didn’t have a whole lot of call drops or anything like that and speed seems to be pretty decent let’s check speed test I’ll turn off wi-fi.

We can test this and we’ll hit next allow and let’s see what the speed is so we’ll go ahead and speed test it this is on t-mobile I have a t-mobile sim in here and you’ll see speed is decent in my area with two bars of service so we’re getting up to 20 megabits per second you will get a faster speed with say 5g for example in my area but 25 down is not bad so we’re hitting almost 27 down and then pretty slow upload speeds.

Video Recording In iPhone XR

That’s just the area I’m in a couple or about two to three megabits per second as far as to to to upload speed but it really depends on where you’re at but like I said reception, in general, has been good with this now one area where I’ve enjoyed using the iPhone 10r is its camera the camera maybe because of its lens arrangement looks really good when you’re recording the video I’ve used this to record a lot of videos when I’m filming outside the one thing you don’t get that the new phones get is hdr.

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