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Long Term Review Of iPhone 12 mini Must Read. The iPhone 12 mini has been out for a few months and lately, there’s been a lot of talk about it saying how that it’s sort of a failure or it’s not meeting apple’s expectations iPhone 12 mini is still a great phone and this is a three to four-month follow-up long-term review and the first thing is apple overestimated the demand of the 12 minis is a smaller version of the 12.

It’s just everything is the same except the overall size so it’s something a lot of people have been wanting for a long time and I think the main complaint comes from the consumer intelligence research partners who said that the mini made up only 5 to 15 percent of total iPhone 12 sales and that is a huge number that a lot of phone companies would be happy with in fact apple sells about 200 million phones a year or so which is an incredible amount and that would be about 10 million phones on the low end if it was all iPhone 12 sales.

That was what we’re talking about so either way it could be a separate business in itself so it’s not a failure from a sales performer performance standpoint but it may not live up to apple’s larger expectations of what we get with the 12 pro or 12 pro max or 12. now, this particular phone is really appealing to a lot of people who miss the smaller phones such as the iPhone 5 that I have here where the size is really small compact it’s easy to fit in your pocket and it’s just easy to use and then.

When you want to use a larger screen you can move to an iPad or a mac for example or maybe you just don’t want something as huge as a 12 pro max the iPhone 12 mini is the right size for a lot of people and the people i know that have one absolutely love their phone and would love to see Apple continue to make them for years and according to apple or some recent leaks it seems like we’re going to get a 13 mini or 12s mini and i think apple will continue to make it for a while at least.

Because the people that have one absolutely love it and price wise it’s not as much as say iphone 12 pro and as you can see here depending on how you configure it whether that’s sim free or not and depending on the size that you get it can go anywhere from about 700 up to 879. unfortunately, apple charges a little bit extra for that additional unlocked or carrier unlocked sim free version where it’s 30 more than you would get it from say t-mobile for example at 6.99 so they add 30 for that so that’s something I don’t like.

But it’s just a little bit of an incentive I suppose to go with your carrier on that side now as far as its durability well it’s been pretty durable this has been good I’ve been using it on and off and you can see it’s held up well I’ve been using it with this slipcase no problems here and the overall durability seems to be fine this aluminum on the outside edge is nice the squared-off design makes it much easier to hold I think than the rounded designs.

That we had before and the overall button placement and everything is fine especially if you have larger hands like me you can just press the button with my thumb right here and it just fits in the hand nicely a lot of people that have smaller hands like it a lot since it’s very easy to manage now the glass on the phone has been very durable and I think this is because not only is this using ceramic shield this year where it’s more durable if you drop the phone but also because it’s recessed or down into the frame of the phone.

I think this helps a lot when you’re putting this in your pocket or just slipping it into maybe a wallet or a purse or some sort of another case I think it helps a lot based on it being recessed versus what we had last year where it stuck out over the edge and seemed to scratch much more easily on all of the iPhone 12s this year I’ve seen very few if any scratches whatsoever that weren’t from bumping this into something metal for example so in general, they’re holding up well you’ll not see a single scratch on this and any of the iPhone 12s.

I’ve seen have had no scratches and of course, you could use a screen protector and that would fix all of those issues but it seems to be very durable compare compared to previous years and the iPhone 11 series phones for example now as far as its display that’s great this year it’s not compromised in any way shape or form and the display is a super retina xdr display it’s super bright of course goes up to 1200 nits when playing hdr content but regularly around 600 nits or so 625 nits.

Even though it’s not a 4k display what you get is the 4k bitrate which gives you more information so it could be a cleaner image overall and then you can play hdr so for example in one of my articles here we’ll just rotate this I’ll turn it down and you’ll see it will look super bright on this display because this video is not in her but I think you get the idea that you can play hdr footage if I turn it way down you may be able to see it a little bit but the footage is nice and crisp and bright and it’s great to see apple including these on all of their phones this time around.

So having high-end displays on everything that does 60 hertz is a great thing we don’t compromise at all with this display you’ve got the same great speakers that you get on all the other phones with the stereo sound when you’re holding it this way it’s got great stereo sound out of the speakers on the bottom, as well as the top here and you, get great reception it’s got a 5g modem in it with the millimeter-wave antenna if you have that in your country I don’t have that but depending where you live it’s going to vary.

But in general, it’s a great modem I haven’t had any call drops or anything and that’s been the case across all the phones including the 12 pro max the 12 pros the 12. it seems much better than we’ve had before the camera is also really phenomenal the video that I showed you here just a moment ago under youtube was filmed with an iPhone now it’s not the same iPhone but they all have the same sort of camera capabilities we have 4k hdr Dolby vision hdr and then we have a wide-angle lens you’re not missing much with the telephoto lens unless you go beyond say 2x for example.

Because in many situations in bright light apple will use the main camera for the photos even if they’re zoomed into 2x and then as the light dims a little bit then it will switch to the other camera you can try this by putting your finger over it in bright light and you’ll see that even when you go to 2x it’s using the same camera now on the main camera of a 12 pro max, for example, you’ve got three and you’re not missing out so here’s the 1x camera if I put my finger over it then I’ll go to 2.5 and my finger is still covering the same one.

But because we have bright light it’s trying to use that one as you zoom in it can shift to the different cameras depending on lighting situations so you’re not missing a whole lot when you zoom into 2x for example so you’ve got the advantage of both cameras the one thing you don’t get of course is 4k 60 hdr in the settings so if you go down to your camera settings, for example, we’ll go to the camera you’ve got 4k 60 but not in the hdr video as you can see here it says record up to 30 frames per second video in the 10-bit high dynamic range including Dolby vision.

So you can leave it on 4k 60 when you hit record in hdr then it will go to 30 frames per second so that’s one thing you don’t get with this and the other big compromise for this particular phone is its battery life, in general, has gotten very good on these phones in general thanks to the newer a14 bionic chipsets.

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