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Introduction Of New 2021 Tech News WWDC Announce IOS 15

New 2021 Tech News WWDC Announce IOS 15.  Apple announced wwdc 2021 or the worldwide developer conference for 2021. Apple has this event every year usually in June and this is an event where they show off the upcoming versions of their software so for example ios 15. I’ll talk more about those in a moment but this event was announced.

There’s an apple logo and says wwdc21 a person is looking at a laptop with glasses and a reflection of the date it says glow and behold and below that it says the apple worldwide developer conference is coming to a screen near you June 7th to the 11th you can watch this online and usually the first day of the conference June 7th for example.

When we’ll have the keynote or the presentation about the upcoming operating systems and products and more and that takes place normally around 1 pm eastern time or 10 a.m pacific they have not announced the specific time for that yet but they should announce it fairly soon or they could announce it as we get closer to that time,

We go into a developer app there’s more information there you can this for free and under the developer app you can see it says announcing wwdc21 it gives more information and then it will have more detailed information as to different keynotes and things in this app so if you go into this apple is also doing a student coding challenge as you can see here it says now through April 18th.

We invite students who love to code to submit their swift playground to this year’s swift student challenge winners will receive exclusive wwdc 21 outerwear and a customized pin set and if you want to learn more you have to be 13 years of age or older in the united states or I believe 16 in Europe but as you can see if you scroll down there’s more eligibility information and you can apply.

If you wanted to do that so that’s available just like it is every year so it’s a swift student challenge now along with that apple also updated siri to give us information about wwdc so if we ask siri when wwdc is let’s see if they’ve updated it when is wwdc and we’ll see what it says it’s taking a moment to respond it says on it and we’ll give it just a moment and hopefully it’s been updated with information before filming this conference you can get all the details.

You can see it’s giving us up-to-date information before filming this it actually talked about the previous year’s wwdc so this year it will be all virtual again hopefully we’ll be in person next year but it will be a virtual event and this year we should expect ios 15. now ios 15 is said to have a bunch of new features but it’s from somewhat reliable sources.

We’ll have to see if it’s accurate but the exciting thing is there’s not a ton of information about it so some of the things people have said that will be new in it is a new control center for example a rearranged control center whether or not that’s half the screen again like it used to be or just something completely different is hard to say but we’ll have to wait and see for that also some are saying that.

We’ll have redesigned apps so we could have a redesigned app store maybe a redesigned settings page as some people have said that they’ll rearrange settings I know for sure I would love to see a rearranged settings page where they bring all of the options into the app themselves like they did a little bit with the camera we could have maybe more options within each app.

That’s something I would like to see but we’ll have to wait and see if they update this other have said we’ll have an update to notifications as well as an always-on display for newer phones as well as maybe some new icons as well I would welcome updated icons where the icons were a little bit more or had a little bit more depth to them may be like mac os big sur for example or a combination of the two that’s something I would like to see.

I know not everybody likes that but I’ve never been a huge fan of flat design for example we should also see iPad or 15 where some people have said the widgets will be more customizable and be able to be moved throughout the os right now they’re just stuck to the left it’d be nice to be able to move them around but that’s something we could see as well there’s not a whole lot leaked about.

What are 15 and iPad os 15 and tv os 15 could bring and I think that’s a good thing Apple seems to be locking down their security and I’m glad to see that we’re not seeing everything about it but we may see more before it’s leaked other people are saying that the camera could have more focus on portrait modes where it could have more advanced portrait modes and maybe a rewrite of that?

So there’s a lot of people saying we could see a bunch of different things so far I think we’re a little far out to see exactly what will be in it but we should know more hopefully within the next couple of months and of course, on the day apple talks about it now on June 7th we should see ios 15 beta 1 release now for those of you not familiar with the schedule every year apple releases the beta usually.

The first day of wwdc so would be Monday, June 7th beta 1 would be out to developers normally it will take some time before it comes out to public beta testers usually by the time of beta 2 for example or even beta 3. then a final release to the public wouldn’t be until September usually the last two weeks of September where they announce and release the next iPhones with iPhone 13 for example.

So we could see all of that as well as watch OSA and mac os 12 with those announcements and release so that’s a typical timeline apple has every year for those events now as far as hardware expect well last year we didn’t have any hardware apple announced apple silicon coming to their max they later released apple silicon at the end of the year with the mac mini the MacBook pro.

The MacBook air with m1 chipsets in it but this year apple’s continuing that transition and we have still to see the mac pro the iMac for example and in previous years Apple has announced the iMac pro on wwdc for example so we could see a new product we could see something is just redone maybe the iMac or we may see nothing at all we’ll have to wait and see.

But that could be anything from a new development of apple glass maybe a new operating system or maybe Apple will surprise us with something completely new which is what I always welcome I would love a rewrite of ios 15 for example so all of those things are what we’re waiting for you can expect all of those different versions to release and maybe some new surprises as well.

Now for those of you that have been asking me where is ios 14.5 release candidate or beta 6 well at this point I’m thinking that we’ll see maybe beta 6 or release candidate tomorrow or Thursday last week we had beta 5 so I would expect beta 6 or a release candidate this week so far there’s no mention of an Apple event in April although quite a few people are saying that there will be one so we’re waiting to see if we’re going to have announcements for that then.

We’ll know a more finite date for say the release of ios 14.5 where if we do have an event generally that version would release after the event so if we had an event on the 6th or the 13th for example or the 20th normally it would release after that so far Apple has changed the way they’re releasing these so we’ll have to wait and see but I just wanted to share a little bit about ios 15.

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