Depth Review Of ios 14.4.2 And ios 14.5 beta 5 in 2021

Introduction Of Depth Review Of ios 14.4.2 And ios 14.5 beta 5 in 2021

Depth Review Of ios 14.4.2 And ios 14.5 beta 5 in 2021. I wanted to talk about the overall experience and also some new features that are in ios 14.5 beta 5. and so let’s first go over that then we’ll talk about ios 14.4.2 then beta 5 and then the community poll and more and also when to expect ios 14.5 release candidate and the final release now the first thing is new features in ios 14.5 beta 5 there are a few things I didn’t mention in the initial article.

Both Features Comparison

The first thing has to do with a pop-up that’s showing up not only in ios 14.5 beta 5 but also 14.4.1 and 14.4 14.4.2 and that is an icon or a little pop-up that says to share music tap this menu on any album or playlist now this has been the share button for some time and for some reason they’re just letting us know that we can share music at this point.

That’s something a little bit new now another thing that’s new has to do with actually a feature they removed now if you had t-mobile and some other carriers you had the option to have exclusively 5g use so if you go into settings and then you go to cellular under cellular go to cellular data options and as you can see here it says data roaming voice and data and data mode before this.

5G Option On Beta 5

We have the option to switch to 5g standalone that has been removed with beta 5. whether or not that will come back with beta 6 or release candidate or whatever’s next here it’s hard to say but right now it’s not there at all so we’ll hopefully see that in the future here’s.

What it looked like before let’s take a look there’s a screenshot of what it looked like before 5g standalone and it was there but hopefully, they bring it back right now it’s not available now the next thing is if we go into the apple podcast app there’s something that has been added or updated and this was there with beta 4 as well and that’s an accounts icon or your account in the upper right before this.

Notification Slider

It was just a notification bell but they’ve added accounts and it seems like that’s been added so that you can maybe pay for podcast subscriptions in the future they did these sort of things with apple news for example and they added accounts so maybe we’ll have something like that in the future but this was updated and so maybe.

We’ll see that there have been rumors of subscription services coming to the podcast so maybe we’ll see something like that in the future now the next thing has to do with auto-brightness so if we go to our settings then we go to accessibility then display and text size at the bottom we have auto-brightness we can now turn this on or off with Siri we can say hey and then say her name after that or we can press and hold the power sleep wake button and activate it.

Auto-Brightness And lot Of Features

That way so let’s go ahead and try that turn on auto-brightness you’ll see it’ll take just a moment now if you’re in the setting it won’t turn on until you go into it or go out of it and go back into it and you’ll see it’s now on you can do the same to turn it off turn off auto-brightness takes a moment and you’ll see it says on it and now it’s off and so again you have to go out of it go back in and you’ll see auto brightness is off.

That’s something that I normally leave on but I turn it off during videos so the actual brightness of the display doesn’t change when I’m recording a video but generally that’s on as it saves battery unless you’re in bright sunlight all day long that should be on to save some battery now the next thing has to do with something that hasn’t been mentioned in any article that I’ve made or that I’ve seen anyone else make and that has to do with an icon that has changed.

If you go into settings and then we go back and scroll down to phone under phone you’ll see announce calls now announce calls this icon is new so if I bring this up here you can see the announce icon or announce calls icon let me show you what it looked like before and so before this update it looked like this as you can see here on the left it’s a little speaker if I go back.

It’s now a little phone in the icon so they’ve changed that a little bit that’s what it was like or that’s what it’s like now and this is what it’s like before so it’s a little bit different than it was before not a huge change and thanks to Edgewood malik for sending that in he made that aware or made me aware of that as I hadn’t seen that before elsewhere.

Now there’s something else with the iPad that is whether or not it’s a bug I’m not sure but it seems like it’s a little bit new on the iPad when you boot it up we know that there’s an apple logo that will now orient to the orientation you’re holding your apple device in so whether you’re holding in the landscape like this or portrait it will boot up and show you that logo and change as you’re booting it up it will no longer change orientation.

New Features Reboot Option

When you’re booting it up so if I power it off here we’ll turn it off for a moment we’ll give it just a second to turn off and then we’ll turn it back on let’s hold this and if I leave it in the landscape we’ll leave it here and let’s try that again we’ll turn it back on give it just a moment there we go now the orientation of the apple logo is correct if I move the iPad quickly it doesn’t change and this is pretty typical with this update some people saw it change immediately after you changed it before.

Now it won’t change until it’s booted up so it will boot properly to the proper orientation there we go and if you unlock your device it works fine and so now that it’s unlocked it’s working properly now and as expected and so those are the new features with that there’s also in the watch app if you’re using the newest versions of apple watch there’s a slight change to one of the apple watch faces.

So let’s go into the watch app now under the stripe watch face there’s a new indigo color now we’ve had indigo in other watch faces before but this could hint at new cases coming out for the spring that has new colors to them usually they do that every year and indigo could be one of them since they’ve added it to the striped watch face so that’s something new as well also in the code of beta 5 is references to an unreleased iPad pro with an a14x chipset in it.

Ios 14.4.2 Battery Performance

So according to Bloomberg, the chip is expected to be on par with the m1 in terms of speed but that’s all there is just reference in the code nothing more now ios 14.4.2 at this point has only been out for a day or so or a full day at this point and I didn’t want to do a full follow-up on it because it hasn’t been out long enough to determine battery life since it usually takes a day or two for things to settle down the background processes to finish the indexing to finish.

It’s not fair to say that battery will be good or bad without actually testing it out however those that have tested it so far and I have it on my iPhone 11 pro max but those that have tested it so far have said that it’s the same as 14.4.1 which we expect because it’s just a security update it patches an important security hole and that’s.

Bugs Difference Of Both

It so really with 14.4.1 to 14.4.2 it’s just a security fix I really would not expect any differences as far as anything else bugs battery or anything I haven’t heard anyone say though that when you close out of an app it lags though so maybe they fix that as well at this point, I’m going to give it a few more days and if you want to see a separate follow-up during the week instead of the weekend this time.

let me know and I’ll do a poll about that now when it comes to ios 14.5 beta 5 I’ve been using it primarily on my iPhone 12 pro maxi also have it on the iPhone 11 and I have iPad os 14.5 beta 5 on my iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020 and so let’s talk about some of the issues I’ve had and the overall experience and the first thing is it’s been pretty good for me anyway I haven’t had a single app crash which is good I haven’t had any lag.

Lag Issues

Whatsoever when closing out of an app for example and I’ve had no issues with it personally except for one thing and that has to do with cellular and wi-fi sometimes when going from wi-fi to cellular or from cellular back to wi-fi data won’t work it just won’t load so I’ll have to go into it I’ll flip on airplane mode turn it back off and then it will work just fine.

So that seems to still be a little bit odd that happens from time to time but maybe we’ll see that fixed in future updates but report those issues and feedback if you haven’t already and you’re having similar issues but for me other than that performance has been very solid not only on iPhone but also iPad no-no lag no slowdowns no crashes at least on the newer phones and the same is being said about ios 14.5 beta 5 on older devices.

AirPods Issues Fix In Iphone

Whether that be an iPhone 6s up to the newer ones the iPhone 11 things do feel much snappier to me anyway I’m not sure if they do to everyone but for me it’s been good it fixed the issue I had with Bluetooth on my devices where AirPods or AirPods max would sometimes say they’re connected but just not work and then have to be completely repaired to the device to work.

That’s been an issue for me however some issues seem to be fairly prominent for many of you or any of you are reporting and the first one has to do with the battery life indicator now if I pull down the control center you can see that my battery is at 97 and a lot of people are reporting that this number does not match.

What your charging percentage is when you’re either charging the phone or maybe just on the lock screen and it’s telling you the battery life and so it’s at 97 percent if I go to the lock screen, for example, you’ll see I don’t have a battery percentage there but if I plug in MagSafe will take a moment you’ll see the animation this says 97 charges but for some people, this is getting stuck and then the actual percentage is not matching up 97 percent to what you have in the upper right of the control center.

So a lot of people are saying this is showing up so it’s a bug and needs to be fixed I’ve had probably 10 people comment about that at least that seems to be having the issue so it’s something that they need to fix now other people have said that when you’re on the lock screen and you have home pods paired the home pods mini and maybe you want to play something they’re not seeing stereo pairs show up now it’s working fine for me.

Bluetooth Review

But not everyone is seeing this so the stereo pair is not showing up for some people if you have those home pod minis set up that way or home pods so some people aren’t seeing that as well and then many people are saying that the air pods pro or Bluetooth issues are still there so people are saying Bluetooth wi-fi cellular connectivity is a problem some people are saying Bluetooth connectivity is faster.

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