OMG IOS 14 5 BETA 6 Is Out Now New Features And Depth Review 2021

Introduction Of  OMG IOS 14 5 BETA 6 Is Out Now New Features And Depth Review 2021

OMG IOS 14 5 BETA 6 Is Out Now New Features And Depth Review 2021. Today Apple released ios 14 5 beta 6. which is available to developers and soon to public beta testers usually by the time I make this article it’s out to public beta testers and this one came in at 260.9 megabytes on my iPhone 12 pro max it’s about the same size around 200 megabytes.

Display Of IOS 14 5 BETA 6

On the iPhone 11 and iPhone 6s plus that I have here and along with this apple also released iPad os 14.5 beta 6 that I have on my 12.9-inch iPad pro from 2020 along with os 7.4 beta 6 which just finished installing on this apple watch and then they also released tvos 14.5 beta 6 and mac os big sur 11.3 beta 6 to developers those are all out.

Build No Issues In IOS 14 5 BETA 6

Now and soon to public beta testers let’s take a look at the build number and then talk about what’s new so we’ll go to settings then general then about and you can see the build number is 18e5194a and this particular update does have a couple of changes in it and there is no modem update in this update so this one doesn’t have any modem changes so if you’re having connectivity issues.

Whether that be with 5g or anything else on your 12 pro max or any of the other devices I’ve yet to see any sort of modem update on any of those so it seems like Apple may be getting this fixed and taken care of so we should be good there now as far as new features well the first thing.

I’ll go to voice me to one we’ll do that again hi I’m siri choose the voice you’d like me to use then we have voice two hi I’m siri choose the voice you’d like me to use we have voice three hi I’m siri choose the voice you’d like me to use and then voice four hi I’m siri choose the voice you’d like me to use and it’s a little bit different from before if we go to settings on beta.

Beta 5, for example, we’ll go to Siri and search I have beta 5 on the left then we’ll go to Siri’s voice it used to say male and female now it just says voice one two three four and for Australia the only one they’ve added is Americans so the only one they’ve made available now is for American and you have a couple of extra ones so that’s new here as well and then also they added this update to everyone.

But in apple maps in certain airports in the united states and maybe around the world it talks about different restrictions for that airport so some airports have it some don’t but you’ll see at this airport passengers are required to wear face coverings and practice physical distancing.

So there are guidelines for each airport around the country if there are different requirements for example so it just makes a difference depending on which one you’re looking at now there’s mention in the code also of possibly a new apple tv remote now that might be in tvos 14.5 beta 6 but it’s talking about pairing a new remote and hopefully.

New Apply Event 2021

We’ll see a new apple tv soon we thought there’d be a new event soon but so far nothing but it says press a button on your remote to get started and then press the center button or touch the surface to continue so it still sounds like a touch remote maybe something like we have here or something new so we’ll have to wait and see if apple also releases.

That or releases anything like that soon now other than that there are no physical changes that are in ios 14.5 beta 6. there’s nothing else to see but there is one resolved issue that’s fairly significant and that has to do with iPhone 11 series phones now for some reason this issue is specific to iPhone 11 series devices nothing else maybe they’ll add this in the future.

Betty performance Of IOS 14 5 BETA 6

But what they’ve said is that battery health reporting systems will recalibrate maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability to address inaccurate estimates of battery health reporting for some users now they’ve gone into more detail into how this works and they’ve said that recalibration will occur during regular charge cycles or recharge cycles and that this process may take a few weeks to complete.

So we’ll have to wait for different updates apparently if you update it will change that but they said when the recalibration is finished maximum capacity percentage and peak performance capability data will be updated in the settings app so maybe you’re showing 82 percent and it really should be 90 or maybe it should be less based off this it should be resolved and be more accurate.

Now they’ve shown what it looks like if you have issues with it so this is what it would look like where if you have issues or it’s recalibrating it will talk about it and then ultimately if it has additional issues it says recalibration of the battery health reporting system was not successful an apple authorized service provider can replace the battery free of charge to restore full performance capacity.

Battery Isssu Found In IOS 14 5 BETA 6

So if there are issues with it and it can’t fix the issue they’ll replace the battery for free so that’s good news for those of you having those issues and hopefully, it adds to more accurate reporting of battery health in the future now there are no mentions of fixing green tint or anything like that however we know that early betas did fix the green tin.

I have to see after a few days if this issue is still there usually you could tell around the edges in very dark conditions with the phone dimmed down you could see green all the way around maybe go to the settings app you could see green I’m not seeing that green tin at all as you can see here you can’t see it on my screen and I can’t see it in this darkness here.

When I had the lights off but there is no green tint on my display however some people may experience that and I would love to hear from you in the comments below if you’re still seeing it now as far as iPad os 14.5 beta 6 well the same fixes apply Siri just has the same sort of voice options here so if we go to Siri voice you’ve got all the same voices they haven’t updated anything else.

Errors I see On IOS 14 5 BETA 6

They’ve just matched the betas between the iPhone and the iPad and like I’ve said before I had battery issues with my iPad so don’t expect anything new other than hopefully some better batteries since they seem to be addressing it in the betas with iPhone 11. so hopefully I see the better battery on the iPad I’ve continued to have issues with the betas with the iPad and as you can see here it wasn’t charged for a couple of days at this point.

But I’m still not getting great use on my iPad hopefully that improves and we’ll have to see over the next few days but the battery on my iPhone with beta 5 was okay so if we go to settings we’ll go to battery here battery health you’ll see my battery health is at 100 currently and we’ll go to the last 10 days and yesterday I had three hours and 19 minutes of screen on time and one hour and 48 minutes of screen off time.

I used 50 percent of my battery that would mean I’m only getting about seven to eight hours again of the screen on time this seems to be consistent with the betas I’m only getting about eight hours of screen on time however when I go to bed I’m still around fifty percent battery so I’m not sure if this is reporting accurately we know from the beta that they’re updating it and there are some issues as far as that goes so we’ll have to wait and see if this is more accurate with this time around and hopefully it is.

I get much better battery life and those of you on iPhone 11 should see an improvement I would think since they’re focusing on that now as far as performance goes it seems to be pretty good so far I noticed immediately that see things seem to be fairly quick so on the iPhone 11, for example, most things seem to be nice and smooth and the benchmarks also show this.

I’ll show you that in just a moment but you’ll see everything seems to be smooth I don’t see any issues when I’m closing out applications I didn’t with beta 5 and I don’t see any issues now closing out applications and you’ll see everything is nice and smooth I’m not even seeing any lag this time around whatsoever anywhere so hopefully that’s improved also Bluetooth was an issue.

Before so hopefully that’s improved as well I didn’t have issues on beta 6 but some people did now as far as the benchmarks let’s go ahead and take a look at those we’ll go into geekbench here and I ran this a couple of times initially because the results were very low but now they’re quite good on my iPhone 12 pro max I scored 1604 for single-core 4147 for multi-core and if we go to the overall history here.

You’ll see that on March 31st and March 23rd we’re actually up on both of those numbers so we’re getting better performance based on the benchmarks all I did was wait about a few minutes maybe three to five minutes and then ran it again and it went up so this is good news as far as that goes let’s take a look at all of these devices and see what they’re showing on the left.

I have the iPad Pro 12.9 from 2020 in the middle is the iPhone 11 and on the right is the iPhone 12 pro max these scores should give you a general idea of what to expect if you’re using one of these devices and are not an overall measure of performance over time.

But just an initial test and it seems to be pretty good now I did a separate article about this yesterday but apple announced 2021 for June 7th to the 11th every year they have this event where they show off the next versions of ios and iPad os and mac for example and it’s on June 7th so you can expect a keynote or a performance on June 7th showing off all.

The latest information about ios 15 and iPad os 15 and watch os 8 and mac os 12. so expect that of course usually these are streamed online and that’s usually around 1 pm eastern time or 10 a.m pacific time now as far as ios 14.5 release candidate well we weren’t sure if this was going to be beta 6 today or release candidate but it looks like Apple is refining what they’re doing with this and based on what we have today I would expect release candidate next week.

I’d be very surprised if we see beta 7 it’s very rare to see that many betas so I would expect a release candidate may be on the 6th or the 7th with a final release the following week on the 12th or 13th however they could release it sooner than that or even later if we do have a beta 7. so at this point, some people are saying we’ll have an April apple event if we do expect it to release after the event if we hear about that if we don’t I would expect it sometime around the 12th or 13th of the month in April.

Final Words About IOS 14 5 BETA 6

So something around that time now should you install ios 14.5 beta 6 well I think that depends if you’re on the beta or not if you’re on beta 5 well then absolutely we need to test it report any issues and feedback and continue to see if it’s improved since it seems like it should improve battery and some other things based on them working on that code with battery health.

So I would expect maybe that’s a focus this time around now if you’re on ios 14.4.1 or ios 14.4.2 or earlier and you’re wondering if you should try out the beta well I generally recommend people wait till the public releases come out if they’re trying to solve an issue however if you want to try some of the new features such as the face unlock when you’re wearing a mask using your apple watch with face id for example that’s available in these betas and if you want to try them.

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