IOS 14.4.1 Is Now Out OMG Features lets Checkout

Introduction Of IOS 14.4.1 Is Now Out OMG Features lets Checkout

IOS 14.4.1 Is Now Out OMG Features let’s Checkout. Ios 14.4.1 to the public this is available to all ios 14 supported devices so if you have an iPhone 6s or newer it will be available to that as well as iPad Air 2 and newer as well now this came in at 138.3 megabytes that’s on my iPhone 12 pro it can vary in size depending on the device you’re using but in general, if you’re coming from ios 14.4 for example it will be about that size.

Now if you’re not seeing the update you can install this by going to your settings app then going down to general tapping on software update and it should be available if you’re still not seeing it tap on automatic updates turn off download ios updates and then check again and it should show up now let’s go ahead and talk about the build number and then take a look at.

What’s new now like I said before I have ios 14.4.1 on my iPhone 12 pro as well as the iPhone 8 Plus iPhone SE the second generation and apple also released iPad os 14.4.1 along with watch os 7.3.2 and mac os 11.2.3 I have ios 14.5 beta 3 on my iPhone 12 pro max right here and if you’re on the beta you will not see this update so just keep that in mind you won’t see it you would need a computer to install this update if you’re on one of the betas such as ios 14.5 beta 1 2 or 3. now let’s take a look at the build number.

We’ll go to settings then general then about and you can see the build number is 18d61 so this is not a huge update but there are some changes in it now in this update there is no modem update so if you’re using an iPhone 12 pro, for example, you won’t have a modem update and as far as new features are concerned well there is not anything specified whatsoever other than a couple of things I’ll mention in a moment with security but as far as features Apple did release a couple of other things today to go along with this for example.

We go into the app store and we go to today, for example, you’ll see that it’s women’s history month so to celebrate that as well as international women’s day today Apple released a bunch of different suggestions as far as apps that have been developed by women and you’ll see nine awesome women-led apps for example so you have a bunch here and some more information about that throughout the month also to go along with that is in the podcast app so, for example, the first time you open the podcast app you may see.]

That pop-up but you’ll see it says the power of sisterhood so there are some more suggestions within the podcast app for that as well now also apple released the kids listening club for example or a kids and family section within podcasts and this includes things like common sense media picks one more kid know best and story time so if we go into here you’ll see there are one more kids know best doesn’t want to stay in the center there and story time so you have all of these things under kids and family so if you want to listen to some podcasts.

You’ll have those as an option for example so that’s for kids and family and they’ve been curated for the podcast app so that’s new although that’s available to all ios 14 versions it seems now within this update no mention of a fix for green tin in fact’s part of ios 14.5 which they’re continuing to work on as well as some other issues Bluetooth does so far seem to be a little bit better for me a lot of people with ios 14.4 were having issues with Bluetooth for example with disconnects.

So far it seems to be behaving a little bit better and it seems to just be fixed so whatever they did hopefully they updated that but they didn’t specify it anywhere but hopefully, it’s a little bit better now as far as features there’s nothing major in this update that will be left for ios 14.5 but apple is pushing this because of security concerns and specifically one major issue that they mentioned now they only mention one that doesn’t mean there isn’t more than one but the one that they mention is pretty major and has to do with WebKit specifically.

This is what runs the internet basically for safari it’s the underlying code for example and the impact was said to be processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution to fix this a memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation so that has been patched and hopefully makes this much more secure that was the same patch pushed out to the iPad as well so it’s a pretty major bug that has been patched that was found and is now taken care of now as far as battery life is going to take a couple of days to measure.

But when I looked at ios 14.4 and the follow-up I had done before that particular version 70 or so people said that it was better than the previous version or same now this update hopefully improves some issues maybe there was a memory issue that this was patching but if we look at the settings here in battery health will not degrade based on these updates I know a lot of people are concerned about that battery health is just simply checking your capacity of the physical battery within the phone so don’t worry about that it may go down.

But that’s only because the physical capacity went down not because the update caused it however over the last 10 days or so this phone was not my main phone but you can expect the same battery life as 14.4 or better but it will take a few days to know that for sure now as far as performance overall on this update well so far it’s been nice and smooth one nice thing is I haven’t seen a single bit of lag.

When closing an app now this seemed to happen with ios 14.4 and other apps and things running in the background you’d go and close them and they would just lag or stutter so far I haven’t seen this on any of my devices and it did take a couple of days to show up in 14.4 but hopefully, it doesn’t with this one so far it’s nice and smooth and also when you’re playing games and everything you shouldn’t see any performance degradation at all.

So if we go into Minecraft for example you’ll see it’ll load here it may take a moment to resume we’ll give it just a second and you’ll see that frame rates are nice and fast and smooth so no issues here whatsoever it’s nice and smooth and there is a little bit of lag right there and now it seems back to normal so just give it a little bit if it’s loading a new world for example there we go and if you’re playing Minecraft among us or call of duty mobile or any of those expect it to perform about the same since this is just basically a security update and then.

When it comes to iPad os 14.4.1 again it only is specifically addressing that issue that I mentioned with security and upon initial reboot of this device it was very slow but now it’s performing just fine so if I go into security you’ll see that it’s a little bit choppy here but this is an iPad air too so this is an older iPad one of the older supported devices and it seems to be performing okay as far as what I’m doing here so you can do whatever you did before it’s not going to be a major update compared to ios 14.4 but it should fix some bugs now as far as geekbench scores or benchmarks let’s take a look at those so we’ll go into geek bench 5 and on the iPhone 12 pro it scored 1595 for single-core 3990 for multi-core.

This is pretty good I ran this right after installing it so it could increase a little bit over the next couple of days and let’s go ahead and take a look at it on all of these devices now on the left we have the iPad Air 2 followed by the iPhone SE 2nd generation then the iPhone 8 plus and then the iPhone 12 pro this should just give you a general idea of what to expect if you run the same sort of benchmarks so these can vary quite a bit based on if you run it right after you install it or not so you may see better scores than I have now should you install ios 14.4.1 well if you’re already on ios 14.4.1.

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