New Nubia Red Magic 6 Its Beautiful Complete Review

Introduction Of New Nubia Red Magic 6 Its Beautiful Complete Review

New Nubia Red Magic 6 Its Beautiful Complete Review. The nubia red magic six I’ve taken a look at some of their phones in the past and this is the latest one they have to offer it comes in at 5.99 and pre-orders are available from April 9th and the launch date is April 15th all around the world.

Start With Colour

Let’s go ahead and open it up and take a closer look at it to see what we’ve got here we’ll remove the wrapper now this comes in two colors eclipse black and aurora I’m not sure which color it is let’s go ahead and take the cover off here there we go so here’s the phone itself I’m guessing this is eclipse black we’ll move that to the sign and then here’s the box let’s take a look at.

What we get with it and we’ve got some no case looks like a little bit of paperwork and a sim card removal tool here so you just have a quick guide and a warranty card included we’ll set that aside and then it looks like we have a cable and I opened it from the wrong end but you’ve got a USB-C to USB-C cable included in the box and then we should have a charger which just fell out there.

30 to 60 Watt Adapter

You can see here’s the charger I believe it’s a 30-watt adapter that comes with it depending on where you live it can come up to a 60-watt adapter so this one is their 30-watt adapter for the global market so let me go ahead and set all this aside and take a closer look at the phone so let’s go ahead and take the cover off here and this is a pretty heavy phone and oh there’s another sticker here let’s take this off and there.

We go so like I said it comes in eclipse black in aurora this looks like eclipse black and it’s not too different in its look than the 5s that they sold or came out with about six months or so ago now for a quick size comparison before we go around the phone and take a closer look here’s an s21 ultra 5g so it’s a little bit taller than the s21 ultra it’s also a little bit wider it looks like as well and thickness wise it’s very similar.

USB C Port 12 Pro Comparision

So you can see the overall thickness is about the same and another size comparison here’s an iPhone 12 pro max so it’s a little bit bigger than that it’s a big phone about the same width or so as a 12 pro max very similar it’s very heavy now it has a metal frame with glass around the outside edge let’s take a look at what we’ve got so on the right-hand side we’ve got a vent here as you can see there’s a vent then there’s a power sleep wake button and what looks to be a microphone as we go around there’s some antenna lines and these are triggers.

When you want to play games so there are triggers on either side on the bottom we have a speaker then we have our USB-C for charging another microphone and our sim card tray this is supposed to support dual sims dual 5g sims so let’s pop this out here take a look and as you can see it does support dual sims one on each side and it has a little gasket around the outside edge as well let’s go ahead and slide this back in there.

Volum Buttons Gamers

We go and then on the left-hand side we have another vent below that is our volume rocker and then we have our gamer switch at the very top so you can see it looks pretty familiar and then on the back we’ve got three different cameras now they don’t go into detail about these cameras but we’ll talk more about those a little bit later on the top of the phone we have a microphone as well as a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and then on the front this is where this gets interesting.

Super AMOLED Display Of Nubia Red Magic 6

At the top, we have a speaker of course and then we’ve got our camera but the display comes pre-installed with a screen protector as you can see there may be around that edge you can see the screen protector a little bit but let’s go over the specs because this display is what makes this unique so the display is a 6.8-inch AMOLED 2400 by 1080 with 387 pixels per inch it has a 165-hertz refresh rate with a 500-hertz touch sampling rate and it can adapt from 60 hertz to 90 to 120 up to 165 hertz.

It’s a 10-bit display and supports DCI p3 and goes up to 630 nits of brightness it’s covered with 2.5 d corning gorilla glass and then internally it’s a Qualcomm snapdragon 888 with an Adreno 660 GPU that has 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage that’s us 3.1 storage now internally it has a new cooling system it’s their updated cooling system the ice 6.0 cooling system it’s active with a fan capable of 20 000 RPMs to keep it cool and it has a huge battery inside as well 5050 milliamp hours.

processor Review Of Nubia Red Magic 6

It can charge up to 66 watts quickly charging zero to 100 percent in 65 minutes with a 30-watt adapter and faster with the 66-watt adapter now on the front there’s one camera it’s an 8-megapixel f 2.0 camera that can record 1080p 30. but on the back, we have three different cameras have a 64-megapixel camera f 1.8 wide 8-megapixel f 2.0 ultra-wide, and a 2-megapixel macro you can record 8k 30 or 4k 60. you also have wi-fi 6e built-in as well.

It’s a pretty high-end phone for not too much money compared to the competition let’s go ahead and boot it up this should have android 11 with red magic 4.0 so we’ll boot it up here and take a look at it and you’ll see it says red magic powered by android so we’ll go ahead and go through the setup here and say I’ve read the privacy policy and now you have the general google set up so we’ll go ahead and hit start connect to a mobile network.

Wifi Review Of Nubia Red Magic 6

Now I’m not putting a sim card in here right now but we’ll go ahead and hit-skip and I’ll connect to wi-fi instead now that it’s connected to wi-fi it’s asking for an update so we’ll go ahead and hit update now you’ll see it says system update downloading and updating so we’ll wait for that to complete and then we’ll continue now the phone has been updated and rebooted I’m not going to copy any apps right now we’ll go ahead and hit next wait for it to check info.

Now it wants me to sign in with google we’ll just get to the home screen for now wait just a moment here just get through this as fast as we can now it wants me to put in a pin so we’ll just put in one two three four, for now, I’ll change it a little bit later and this also has an under the display fingerprint sensor so let’s go ahead and set that up it says touch the sensor you’ll see it right here so we’ll set this up so it’s using the google setup for this doesn’t have their fingerprint setup there.

90 Hertz Display Of Nubia Red Magic 6

We go and it just takes a moment to set up now this is supposed to have a 4d shock they call it to the engine inside which is the haptic feedback so it’ll be interesting to see how it is in games and things like that so we’ll go ahead and hit allow for the nubia launcher and now we’re at the home screen so this is the main screen and like I said it has a very fast display you can see in the upper left it’s telling us that we’re at 90 hertz so you can see there 90 hertz.

Let’s see if we have any separate options for that so we go to the display and as you can see here it says show screen refresh rate and you can bump this up to esports level picture it says 165 hertz so let’s go home here so the display is super smooth as you can see here it has what looks to be stock google other than the icon arrangement pretty much it looks similar to what you get with stock android or what you get on a pixel for example as far as wallpapers well there’s this one.

Final Words With RGB Light

We’ve got a couple of different others kind of like that one we use this for now and so I’ll link this in the description below if you want this wallpaper and maybe a few of the others if I can get them off this phone now let’s go ahead and take a look at the gaming modes for this so we’ll switch on gaming and it brings us to red magic it says dedicated game space to give you controls and this is unique with these phones so immediately it kicked on the fans.

You’ve got a fan right here I don’t know if you can hear that let me move my microphone so you can hear it so there’s the fan itself so it’s a little bit noisy you do have control over this it says swipe in and you can see the turbofan is on if I turn it off you won’t hear it and it’s back on you also have RGB light strips on this so there’s an RGB light strip on the back you’ll see it’s flashing red that you could adjust if you want to do that of course that uses additional battery not too much.

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