ios 14.5 beta 5 is out now check his features

April 1, 2021
ios 14.5 beta 5 is out now check his features

Introduction Of ios 14.5 beta 5 is out now check his features

ios 14.5 beta 5 out now checks its features. Apple released ios 14.5 beta 5. this is available to developers and soon to public beta testers usually by the time I post this article it’s available but at the time of recording it’s not so I’ll be sure to update you on that this came in at 254.1 megabytes on my iPhone 12 pro max and it was similarly sized on the iPhone 6s plus.

Build Number of 14.5 beta 5

A little bit smaller than that as well as the iPad pro 12.9 from 2020 and iPhone 11. now as far as this particular update apple also released a bunch of other updates for iPad with iPad os 14.5 beta 5, as well as watch os 7.4 beta 5 tv os 14.5 beta 5 as well as mac os big sur 11.3 beta 5,, and they, also updated keynote numbers and pages apps as well so a lot of updates rolling out.

Today now let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number so we’ll go to settings then we’ll go to general than about and you can see the build number is 18e 5186a and this particular build being an a at the end is very similar to what we had last time it’s just a revised version of that so they’ve updated that a little bit now as far as new features are concerned there is a new modem update in this particular build.

Connectivity Issue In 14.5 Beta 5

If you were having connectivity issues whether that be with your iPhone 12 pro max or an older iPhone 6s plus hopefully it’s resolved for you there were some issues specifically with the newer phones switching between 4g and 5g on saying t-mobile for example so if you were having those issues be sure to to check it out and see if you’re still having it after this update as hopefully,, it resolves that switching issue now other than that as far as new features go.

If you go into settings and then you go to general and then software update go to automatic updates and you’ll see it says install ios updates this has been reverted back to what it was like before so on the left i have ios 14.5 beta 4 and on the right i have beta 5. if we go to the same automatic updates you’ll see before with beta 4 they changed it to install security updates now they’ve reverted it back to just install ios updates so maybe we won’t be able to install security updates separately.

Bugs Fix

But based on this they’ve changed it back to what it was before so with beta 5 maybe they’ve abandoned that for now maybe that will carry over to ios 15. now as far as anything else in this there are no more physical changes that you can see in this beta that means we’re getting very close to a final version and it’s fixing a lot of bugs in fact in apple’s notes they’ve said there are no new release notes for this beta software update so whether or not they’ve fixed any additional things.

I mentioned issues with lag and freezing and in particular i had quite a few issues with bluetooth before and that was all a problem hopefully that’s fixed now with connecting to air pods for example that was a big issue for me before and it seems to be even more sensitive to the home pod as i bring it closer to say a home pod when playing music so i’m not sure if you can see this let’s see if we bring it close.

Smooth Experience In 14.5 beta 5

We’ll bring the homepod up and you’ll see it’s nice and sensitive to that now somewhat oversensitive from my experience so far today so you’ll see i’m quite a ways away i’m about a foot away at this distance and as i come closer it pops on the screen i’ve seen this pop up two to three feet away this time so this feature of handoff to the homepod is nice but it seems to be very sensitive i’d like a way to actually adjust that now as far as green tint is concerned.

I know a lot of people are wondering about that and they did fix the initial issue when you boot up your phone for example and it had a lot of green tint some people said you could see that on the settings page i’ve not been able to see that even in lower lower darknesses let me turn off the lights here and i don’t see any green fringing around the the outside edge of anything and that’s where people saw a very green tint to begin with and so with that i don’t really see that issue that people have experienced.

Its To Speedy 14.5 beta 5

I haven’t experienced it myself on these phones but some people have so if you have that issue we’ll have to test that over the next few days see if it’s fixed that as well as the hdr flicker issue that people were having so other than that there are no changes in this now as far as ipad os 14.5 beta 5 well with beta 4 it was actually pretty solid i had no issues as far as speed scrolling any lockups any crashes or anything like that my major issue with the ipad has been battery all along and as i’ve said before i plan to completely wipe this device should it keep having that issue.

I’ll show you what it was like over beta 4 it will take a few days to know what it’s like with beta 5. so if we go to the last 10 days for example you’ll see it was last charged yesterday to 100 percent at around almost 1 p.m 12 56 p.m and i only had two hours and 22 minutes of screen on time 52 minutes of screen off time and another 25 minutes we’re down to 48 battery life now to be fair it did install an update without being on battery so it still is using an excessive amount of power for the ipad so hopefully that’s much better but as far as the overall experience on here.

Battery Performance Of 14.5 beta 5

Everything’s basically the same and the automatic updates are the same here as well it just says install ipad os updates instead of those security updates so they’ve reverted that back to what it was before now as far as battery life on the iphone let’s take a look at the beta battery life with beta 4 and this hopefully will be improved with this version it wasn’t bad but it seems to be getting better and better so we’ll take a look at battery health and you’ll see i’m at 100 so no issues there and the updates won’t change this at all they’ll just re-measure what the physical battery is at.

But let’s go back take a look at the last 10 days and as you can see depending on the day it varies greatly some days i only had two hours and 11 minutes of screen on time if we go back a few more days i had three hours and 52 minutes of screen on time and used a little bit over 50 percent of my battery life based off this i’m getting about eight hours of screen on time with this phone although when i put it on the charger at night before i go to bed i’m getting about fifty percent of my charge left over maybe more so this battery measurement i’m still not sure is 100 accurate.

But many people are saying battery life was greatly appro improved and you can see this just popped up that’s from the homepod i haven’t moved it closer or anything it just popped up out of nowhere so it’s overly sensitive it seems in this particular update but you’ll see that battery life seems to be okay hopefully it improves even more with this update but we’ll know that in a few days when i do a follow-up now as far as the overall performance of this version.

Final Words About

I actually noticed it to be very smooth just as i was looking for changes and looking through the os it seems incredibly smooth in fact the frame rate doesn’t seem to drop at all it’s just mostly very nice and smooth no problems here whatsoever even on the older phone after it was done rebooting and sort of doing its background tasks it’s still a little bit warm from doing that you’ll see i’ll open music for the first time i normally leave this for the article.

But as i scroll through it’s nice and smooth i don’t see any stutter or lag throughout the os which is great i did see that on previous versions let’s go into settings and you’ll see it’s smooth again so it seems like apple has resolved any lag or stuttering that was going on with beta 4 i had no issues closing out of apps for example swiping to go home or just closing them in general there hasn’t been any issues like that whatsoever for me so it’s been pretty solid overall now let’s go ahead and take a look at the geekbench scores and if we go into geekbench 5 here you’ll see i scored 1590 for single.

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