IOS 15 Now It’s Out let’s See New Features

Introduction Of IOS 15 Now It’s Out to let’s See New Features

IOS 15 Now It’s Out let’s See New Features. Ios 15 beta 1 released to developers and then usually a few weeks later to public beta testers and so I thought today they would probably announce when that event will be since they do that generally around this time every year last year they announced it on Friday, March 13, 2020, they announced the worldwide developer conference and said it would be in June and that’s.

Where we saw ios 14 for the first time for example however today is about the same time frame march 12th it’s a Friday in 2021 but so far we haven’t seen that announcement so I would expect that pretty soon and that’s where we’ll see ios 15 for the first time so usually they announce it around this time and last year they told us that it would be virtual I would expect the same sort of thing this year and so I wanted to talk about the overall leaks that we’ve seen.

It’s expected to have them drop support for the iPhone 6s 6s plus and the first generation iPhone se these will lose support based on current information whether or not that’s true is hard to say at this point hopefully there’s still some hope out there for people but they supported this for many years and I’ve talked about that before at length however I do expect them to have some new features and some people have been sort of leaking information and hopefully, some of it’s right I don’t think that all of it will be correct.

But there could be quite a few things and the first thing is sizable widgets that could be in different sizes currently we have different sizes for the widgets you have a few different sizes you’ve got a very large one for news and you could see those sorts of widgets have different variables also interactive widgets which seem to make a lot of sense this year I think apple took their time to make sure the widgets work which took a while to get them to work properly they update based on when the developer sets it.

But I think interactive widgets whether that be for notes or weather or something like that would be welcome I know a lot of people would appreciate that also an always-on display and I thought I’d run through these quickly if you hadn’t seen the other article but an always-on display would be nice where it just gives you the time and maybe different notifications and also refresh notifications is said to becoming as well as some app refreshes as well so some of these apps are starting to look a little bit dated.

Since ios 7 it’s sort of changed over time we’ve gotten a redone app store we’ve had icons changed and things like music going back to older style icons so we’ve seen some small visual changes as well as the control center but we have not seen a large overhaul for years and many people are saying we’re not going to see that this year now that may change as we get closer to June and see the first version I would welcome a major overhaul but I don’t think we’re going to see that anytime soon so whether that be the interface.

Where there may be a new control center that’s also in the more recent leaks there may be a redoing of the control center with more organization and customization I think we’re going to see small visual changes this year but I don’t expect them to do a whole visual overhaul seeing them do that would take a lot of work and a rewrite of a lot of the code it’s possible they’ve been working on it for years as they’ve been rewriting a lot of code for the latest macs with the new mac os using apple silicon but right now I’d be very surprised.

If we saw a rewrite and a complete redesign but maybe we will the other thing most people were wanting was stability ios with 13 and now with ios 14 have had some problems along the way and we’re looking for stability we’ve been wanting that for some time I would say it’s fairly stable at this point but it’s just not what most people remember would say ios 12 for example where it pretty rocked solid dependable we didn’t have random freezing and crashes and different things crashing all over the place.

So that’s something I think we should see and I’m sure they’re working on that I can’t imagine Apple would want it to be unstable so I would look forward to them doing that in the future and making sure that it’s more stable as we move forward the third most mentioned thing was people want better battery life is pretty good I think on an iPhone 12 pro max or an iPhone 11 pro max where you’re going to get about 10 to 12 hours of screen on time that’s pretty good it’s some of the leading battery life in the industry if not the very top depending on.

What you’re doing so to see them make that stable and see that maybe consistently get that with all the updates over years I think would be a great thing and I would love to see them make this a little bit better there are a few people that said they would like to see customizable icons be a little bit easier to do instead of having to use shortcuts you would be able to customize icons for example so being able to customize icons and where people said they wanted the app library on the iPad so depends on.

If you like it and use it or not also proper scaling for different phones now what that means is the different icon sizes between say an iPhone 12 mini versus an iPhone 12 pro max and any in-between sometimes they just don’t scale properly between different devices I think apple does a pretty good job of this but when you go to things like iPad and you go through all these different sizes sometimes there’s just some strange inconsistencies and scaling issues between that so you’d like to see that as well also many people would like to see a better settings page.

Now this is rumored to change with the upcoming releases and I think one thing they could change dramatically is let’s put some of these settings accessible in the app itself so for example I know there’s consistency on mac os where you click the top bar for example but the camera settings they started to bring some of those across such as record video 4k 60.

But when you go into the camera app we don’t have access to turn on hdr video or turn it off here or any of those other settings I would like to see the options that we have in the settings app brought over here maybe with a quick menu to the side it seems to make a lot of sense to have a consistent menu throughout that’s not needing us to go back to a settings page go back in adjusting all this then go back to the camera and back and forth until.

We get it right I think that would be a huge improvement if we saw something like that another thing that a lot of people want is split-view multitasking like you can do on an iPad for example a lot of people want this on an iPhone including myself I think it’d be very helpful if you’re watching youtube for example or maybe you were in a call and you could get to your notes more easily for example without having a picture in picture.

But rather maybe we go to settings and then we want to bring in the app store for example and we bring that over to the side we can use it just like this or we could bring in say music here so if we go to music maybe we’ll bring that in and now they overlap this way or if we go home we could go into music for example then bring in say the app store something like this would be very welcome on an iPhone with maybe youtube here and your text messaging here we’ve seen that on android but I’d like to see Apple implement it with all their privacy and security as well.

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