SWAT team member plummets from a six-storey building in Taiwan after abseiling training goes wrong – but SURVIVES

  • Shi Li-chuan, 25, was taking part in a training exercise in Taipei city on Monday
  • He crashed to the ground after descending too fast and losing his grip on rope
  • Officer was knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to his shoulder and face

Due to an accident during abseiling training, a SWAT team member from Taiwan fell six floors to the ground and sustained injuries.

On Monday, Taipei officer Shi Li-chuan of the Thunder Squad counterterrorism tactical unit was participating in a training exercise when he dropped too quickly and lost control of the rappelling line.

The 25-year-old police officer was struck multiple times, rendering him unconscious. In the hospital, his condition is steady right now.

Shi Li-chuan, a member of Taipei’s Thunder Squad counterterrorism tactical unit, and a teammate were engaged in a training exercise on Monday when Shi unintentionally fell down the building’s side after losing control of the rappelling rope (right).

Officer Shi and another member of the Thunder Squad can be seen in video footage of the scary incident standing atop the Taipei City Police Department’s criminal investigation division building at around 11:15am.

Shi lost his balance and fell headfirst onto a metal signboard on the first story rather than carefully rappelling down the building’s side.

He then fell to the ground, where a coworker was spotted scurrying to assist him.

According to Liberty Times Net, which cited the Taipei City Police Department, Officer Shi is not in any life-threatening condition despite having a dislocated left shoulder and abrasions around his left eye and on his face.

At the National Taiwan University Hospital, he continues to be under monitoring.

The Taipei city police department has pledged to strengthen all safety measures during training to prevent similar situations in the future.