Woman threw herself onto the field after a women’s La Roja game: she broke and risks a harsh sanction

This past Sunday, the women’s Reds team triumphed over their Uruguayan opponents with an impressive 3-0 victory at the Germán Becker stadium in Temuco. The friendly match was held in anticipation of the upcoming playoffs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and both teams were eager to showcase their skills and preparedness.

As the match concluded and the excitement of the victory continued to surge, a number of enthusiastic fans decided to make a bold move by jumping from the stands onto the pitch to personally greet the triumphant teams.

One particular video captured the sequence of events as they unfolded. The footage shows that after the match, an initial fan bravely leaped from a height of approximately 3 meters. Miraculously, he managed to land safely on his feet and quickly dashed towards the soccer players to express his excitement and support.

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when a woman, inspired by the first fan’s feat, attempted to imitate his daring jump but experienced a completely opposite outcome. Instead of a successful landing, she ended up immobile and lying on the grass, clearly in need of assistance. The stadium’s security guards promptly came to her aid, attending to her as she lay injured on the field.

As a direct result of her unfortunate fall, the woman sustained a severe fracture in her femur, necessitating an urgent transfer to a nearby care center for medical attention and treatment. Meanwhile, a photograph taken by AgenciaUNO graphically illustrates the extent of the fan’s injury, revealing the state of her leg after the harrowing incident.


In relation to her medical condition, Radio Bío Bío in Temuco has shared updated information regarding her situation. As of Monday, the young woman, who suffered an unfortunate accident, continues to be under medical care at the city’s Regional Hospital. Despite the severity of her injury, she is said to be recuperating positively, free from pain, and is awaiting a surgical procedure that has already been scheduled.

Apart from the intense pain she experienced as a result of her actions, the woman also faces potential legal repercussions, which could have long-lasting effects. She could be subjected to a substantial fine estimated around $1,250,000 and may be prohibited from attending any professional soccer matches or events for an extended duration of up to three years.

The reason behind these possible penalties is that “entering the field of play of the sports venue without proper authorization” is deemed a violation under letter B of Article 27 of the Safe Stadium Law. This law was established with the primary objective of ensuring safety and maintaining a sense of order during sporting events. Any breach of this law can lead to serious consequences for the individuals involved, as it compromises the overall security measures put in place to protect both spectators and participants alike.

In light of this incident, it serves as a reminder for fans and spectators to adhere to the rules and regulations established by the Safe Stadium Law and other similar guidelines. By doing so, they can contribute to a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in the sporting event, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.