Woman threw herself onto the field after a women’s La Roja game: she broke and risks a harsh sanction

This past Sunday, the women’s Reds team triumphed over their Uruguayan opponents with an impressive 3-0 victory at the Germán Becker stadium in Temuco. The friendly match was held in anticipation of the upcoming playoffs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and both teams were eager to showcase their skills and preparedness. As the match … Read more

Another Collision Disrupts Reporter’s Coverage of Perilous Southern California Roadway

In Los Angeles, a city notorious for its heavy traffic and unpredictable driving conditions, accidents and collisions are not uncommon occurrences. However, the incident that occurred during Gene Kang’s report for FOX 5’s sister station KTLA was particularly shocking. As Kang was in the middle of his report on a deadly hit-and-run that had occurred … Read more

SWAT team member plummets from a six-storey building in Taiwan after abseiling training goes wrong – but SURVIVES

Shi Li-chuan, 25, was taking part in a training exercise in Taipei city on Monday He crashed to the ground after descending too fast and losing his grip on rope Officer was knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to his shoulder and face Due to an accident during abseiling training, a SWAT team member from Taiwan … Read more