New Updated Features Of IOS 14.5 Beta 3 Lets Take Review

Introduction Of New Updated Features Of IOS 14.5 Beta 3 Let’s Take Review

New Updated Features Of IOS 14.5 Beta 3 Let’s Take Review. Ios 14.5 beta 3 has been out for a couple of days and it has quite a few new features in it and now as we get closer to the final release of ios 14.5 we’re going to see fewer and fewer features and apple starting to nail down the feature set that’s within the updates and then making sure they’re stable before they release them I think 14.5 is a much better update than 14.4 with more features and fixes as well.

As well as security and privacy and so I’m looking forward to that and I think it’ll be a great advantage to many people once we have our phones even more secure but there’s, even more, features that and the first thing has to do with a feature that’s now available to everyone not just for 14.5 beta 3 but rather everyone that has an iPhone and Apple has made a new website available or added a feature to a website that’s already available and you can see privacy.

Once you log in you have a few different options and one of the options is to transfer a copy of your data so if we tap on this it says request to transfer a copy of your data we’ll wait just a moment for it to load and you’ll see it says transfer a copy of your photos and videos so you can transfer them from iCloud to say google photos so right now google photos is the only destination available.

But maybe we’ll have amazon photos in the future or additional services but as you can see what it says at the top it says copy your photos and videos from iCloud photos to another participating service this will take between three and seven days we use this time to verify that the request was made by you and to finish the transfer and you’ll see it tells you how many there are so.

I have two thousand or twenty-five thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight photos and one thousand three hundred and thirty-nine videos using about 742 gigabytes I need to change that as many of these videos just need to be thrown away but hopefully in the future, we’ll have some other features or other services that we can transfer this to so that’s new that’s available now if you want to transfer those to another service maybe you’re switching to Android or.

You just don’t want them in iCloud photos you can do that hopefully, we’ll have a way to export them as well just dump them onto a computer that would be nice also now the next change has to do with the apple watch if you take your watch off of your wrist and put it back on and you have a passcode enabled it will prompt you to put in that passcode if you have the option turned on to unlock it with your phone.

Just by unlocking your iPhone, you can unlock the watch on your wrist because it’s nearby when you do that it tells you that with a little drop-down they’ve changed the icon in the drop-down so this icon is changed I just took a screenshot of it since it doesn’t stay on the screen for long but you can see the little watch icon has been updated so that’s now not a huge change.

But something worth noting also a developer found some new icon packs for developers so jeff Hackworth here on Twitter found that there are new symbols or if that’s san Francisco their font there are new symbols for things such as air pods we’ll zoom in here but there are new symbols for air pods and things like that and home pod as well so you can see those here if I scroll over you’ll see there are some new symbols as well these are just for use within applications if you want to use those with homepod mini homepod and homepod itself.

So that’s a slight chance it’s available to developers, not something you can physically see but it’s there now a feature they’ve brought back has to do with setting your music as a default to saying Spotify for example so maybe you want to use Spotify instead of apple music well we thought this was default music setting change but apple has clarified this so you can ask Siri to play a song and say Spotify it’ll say who do you or you can play a song and it’ll say who do you want to play this song through meaning apple music or Spotify and it will change and then continue to play through.

That however there’s no setting for it apple has said that this is just basic intelligence based so that Siri can learn what you like to listen to overtime it’s not a default setting I wish they’d bring that setting into music here it would be great to see them put a setting within the music app just to change that and then allow us to select what we want for a default.

Whether that be google music or I guess youtube music at this point as well as apple music Spotify title anything else one of those would be nice to be able to switch to if that’s what your preference is now someone had sent in that they’ve made some album change or album artwork changes when you’re in different music for example so if we search for someone here you can see there are different album animations but this is different based on the artist for example.

So here we have two popular artists and it’s not on every artist so I just picked this but you’ll see the one on the left is moving the one on the right is moving now and it’s just a little bit different between the artist this is mostly just because that’s what the artist chose so it’s not too big of a change but I wanted to point that out since album covers could vary how it’s zooming in the album it may be outlined a little bit differently.

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