New Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2 In Out Now Check Its New Features And Talk About Review

April 1, 2021
New Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2 In Out Now Check Its New Features And Talk About Review

Introduction Of New Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2 In Out Now Check Its New Features And Talk About Review

New Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2 In Out Now Check Its New Features And Talk About Review. Apple released Mac os big sur 11.3 beta 2 to developers now this is out to developers hopefully soon to public beta testers by the time you’re watching this it just depends on what time you’re watching this at but this came in at 3.44 gigabytes on my mac pro and it will vary depending on your device now if this is the first time you’re installing this beta it could be over 12 gigabytes.

So maybe you didn’t install the first beta it could be a very large install so just keep that in mind now let’s go ahead and take a look at the build number and you can see if we go to about this mac it says version 11.3 and the build number is 205186d and this particular update does add a few new things so the first thing that it adds has to do with support so if we go under support for example under about this mac click on support give it a moment to load let it.

Collect the data and as you can see this is a little bit different than what we had before so it shows us our apple care plus when it expires so in my case December 15 2022 and then it has accidental damage hardware coverage and 24 7 priority access we can click on details now and here it doesn’t really do a whole lot for me and then also get support isn’t doing a whole lot now some people will see this pop open safari for example and give you more information on the mac pro it’s not doing that.

So it just depends on your device but for me, it’s not doing anything right now when I click on it and it just gives a little more information about it underneath so I imagine this will get a little bit updated in the future but right now it doesn’t seem to function 100 at least for me so let’s go ahead and close this and I want to talk about one feature or two things rather than.

I didn’t talk about it since I didn’t do a beta 1 video and the first one has to do with if you’re using home pods for example you’ll see we have the option to use them as a stereo pair for our mac now so maybe you have two homepod minis and you want to use them as a stereo pair like I’m using it works well unless you’re trying to do something in real-time such as edit a video.

There’s a little bit of lag there so they added this with beta 1 and it works quite well as I said but before with previous versions you could only pick one homepod so now you have the option for two which is nice the other thing they added support for with beta 1 is ps5 controller support as well as Xbox series x wireless controller support.

So if you have either of those controllers and you want to use them for a game on your mac you can do that with this beta now the next thing they’ve added has to do with messages just like ios 14.5 beta 2 in mac os 11.3 beta 2 they’ve added the same emoji to keep up with the Unicode standards so you can see the face in the clouds exhaling hard on fire you have beards for different genders you’ve got kisses for different or hearts for different genders you also have a syringe.

Where they’ve removed blood from the syringe now it’s just sort of a saline solution and then also you have headphones that have been updated with a new icon that represents AirPods max so you’ve got all sorts of changes here there will be over 200 when it’s released to the public so this is just to comply with Unicode standards it’s what everyone keeps up with and apple is always updating them to comply with those standards.

Now the next thing is music if we go into the music app wait for it to open here now we’re in music in beta 1 they added all playlists so you can see all of your playlists at once and they also added made for you with beta1 and it says personal mixes you add will appear here now for some reason this is not showing properly for me and if I go to listen now, for example, it takes a while to load.

But we’ll give it just a moment and there you go and if I scroll down it’s got a made for you section so it’s sort of working for me but not a hundred percent and then also you should have some of those playlists that are curated for you here under all playlists as well so for some reason they’re not showing and maybe we’ll see those in the future some people are showing it some people are not but one thing they have added so maybe we play a song let me go ahead and just pick a song here.

So if I click play and let me drop the volume here if I click play and click the three menu button or the hamburger menu here as many call it you’ve got the infinity symbol now if we click on the infinity symbol it will give us autoplay just like we have on the iPhone with ios 14 and it will find similar songs and just continue playing until you either stop it and you’ll see you can clear this as well so the infinity symbol is nice to have here since it gives you the option to just find similar songs.

If you just want to leave it playing in the background for example so that’s something I find that I use quite often and of course you can turn it off like I said so that’s new in music with beta2 so let’s go ahead and close that and another thing you can do now plays WebM videos so that’s a different standard that wasn’t available in safari before so we’ll go into safari and I’m not familiar with a bunch of WebM videos so I haven’t had this issue before.

But if you go to Wikipedia and search for WebM we can click on it here and here’s an example of one of the videos and if you click on that video you’ll see that it plays before this would just give you a blank screen and it wouldn’t work so now it works and you should be able to play those videos so it’s nice that it shows up like that so that’s something they’ve added in this particular update now they’ve also added something for m1 max as well.

Now I’m on the m1 MacBook pro and I had some issues installing this update so I was previously on mac os 11.2.1 or the public release and then I installed the beta for some reason it defaulted back to 11.1 betas after installing it then I did another software update and it brought me to 11.3 betas 1 then I had to update again and it brought me to the current version of 11.3 betas 2 for some reason so just make sure if you’re installing this that you have the same build number.

That i have here that matches the current version because I had that issue only on the m1 for some reason, not on the other max that I have so as you can see we’re on the 13 inch m1 from 2020 and one of the benefits of the m1 is you can run iphone and ipad apps since it’s apple’s own silicon so let’s go ahead and open one of those now here’s the app any dot do and i installed the iphone slash ipad version just so i could show you this because there’s some changes in the preferences so if we go to preferences you’ll see we have touch alternatives here at the top.

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