Long Term iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Don’t Miss Anything

April 1, 2021
Long Term iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Don't Miss Anything

Introduction Of Long Term iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Don’t Miss Anything

Long Term iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Don’t Miss Anything.  The iPhone 12 pro max has been out for a few months and this has been my main phone every single day except when I was testing out the iPhone 12 and 12 pro and 12 minis when I did reviews on that otherwise this has been my main phone for the past few months.

I want to talk about overall durability its performance my daily use battery reception and maybe if you should wait for the iPhone 13 and what features to expect with that and so the first thing is its size going from the iPhone 11 pro max to an iPhone 12 pro max is a slight change in the overall size now it’s not huge compared to that.

If you’re familiar with these rounded corners from saying the 6s plus all the way up to the 11 pro max this phone will feel a little bit bigger because of its squared-off edges however I do think that that makes it feel a little bit better more like the iPhone 5 or the 5s or iPhone 4 I prefer the squared-off edges and it makes it a little bit easier to grip onto or hold on to without dropping it so I think the rounded corners were nice for a time but I prefer the squared-off edge of the newer 12 series phones.

So overall it’s been very durable and I think some of that has to do with the display and the back glass sitting flush with this frame around the outside edge now the frame is stainless steel on the 12 pro max and it protects this glass not only on the back but also on the front and so it’s been really good as far as.

How well it’s held up so on the frame itself because this is the pacific blue color there’s not really any scratches or anything you’ll see it does catch some dust and use it does catch a lot of fingerprints and I have been using it without a case but overall it’s held up incredibly well I do expect some scuffs and scratches from time to time to build up that’s just from using it and that’s just what you normally would expect with normal use.

But it seems to polish right up really well and the glass has zero scratches on it so the glass on the back of the cameras being that they’re sapphire or semi sapphire Apple says they’re sapphire but they have no scratches they haven’t cracked or anything some people have seen dust under here but I had I don’t have that and they’ve held up really well but the front glass is that it’s similar to last year’s glass actually has held up better than.

I expected I don’t have a single scratch on here that’s from regular use I do have a scratch that was caused by the phone slipping off my desk when I was setting up a shop for a video it fell off my desk onto a light stand and actually scratched a corner so of course that could have been prevented with a screen protector.

But you can see the scratch right there by my finger it’s a deep scratch it’s there but when the display is on you can’t really see it it’s just annoying that it’s there since the entire display is free of scratches unlike last year’s iPhone 11 pro max which I had a ton of scratches on at this point and after a year of using that phone it was completely covered with scratches this has none except for where I said right here that was complete.

My fault so not really something I would have expected this year but I think the display being that it’s recessed or set down into the frame that makes a big difference I think and of course you could use a screen protector if you wanted to prevent that all together but I think these screens are much more durable than what we’ve had in the past now when it comes to the display I know some people say the display is a little bit warm.

I find that it’s very accurate I like the way it looks and whether that be in light mode or switching to dark mode I think it looks great the viewing angles are great this year there’s no off-axis shift in color so you don’t get that blue tint sometimes that you would get with the 11 series phones and I think it’s pretty good overall as far as the display so whether that be you’re just using your phone to browse social media check emails or play a game the display looks great all the time especially.

When you’re watching the hdr video so if you’re watching an hdr youtube video and you can see here’s my iPhone 12 pro review that I did in hdr if I tap on this we’ll just go back a little bit and you can see that it’s completely in her and it’ll be blown out on the screen where you can’t see it because the display is so bright compared to what you had with a non-hdr display so when I hit play you’ll see it’s super bright when it’s playing and you won’t be able to see it because this video is not an hdr and if you’re watching an hdr with a newer phone or even the iPhone 10.

You’ll see that the highlights are very bright and the darks are very dark because it can turn off the pixels being that this is an old the using this with PWM and things like that since that does bother me this one has not bothered me as far as the display goes it’s at a high enough rate where the display despite what brightness it’s at doesn’t seem to bother my eyes so that’s good news this year with PWM and those things that can affect your eyes if you’re sensitive to that and can see higher frame rates now the speakers are great too I think they’re quite good in fact to let me go to another video.

Where you can hear some music with this now I’ve moved my microphone so you can hear what it sounds like directly out of the phone so let’s go ahead and hit play on a comparison of mine so the speakers overall sound very good you’ve got great stereo sound from the top to the bottom and if you’re watching a video playing a game or something like that it just sounds great overall.

I think they’ve done a great job with the speakers at the highest of volumes you probably want to back it off a little bit as it sort of starts to distort and not sound as good but generally, it sounds great goes nice and loud and I think most people will really enjoy the speakers on this if you’re not using headphones for example.

Now the performance on this phone is fantastic with its a14 bionic CPU and six gigs of ram I’ve had no issues whether that be going back into a video game this has been loading there or sitting there the entire time so if you want to play a game for example whether that be the call of duty or something else like among us or any racing games anything like that it just is super fast all the time ram management is good and you can see that I went into well youtube here with my video then.

If we go back over to call of duty, for example, it just works fine every time it loads right away I’m in and I can use it so it’s super fast no issues there and you could edit a video with it maybe record 4k video export that video and after you’ve edited it and it’s just super fast all the time I’m really impressed with the chipsets not only this year but the previous year’s apple just seems to be so far ahead of the game when it comes to that so if you look at geekbench for example.

Now with geekbench, for example, the scores are great overall they’re really high they’re better than most processors out there and they’re really only competing with themselves with the previous years of apple’s processors or the cpus that are in say the m1 macbook or the ipad air for example.

So this is just super fast six gigs of ram you don’t have any lag or anything really with anything you’re doing whether it’s going into a video game or going back out it’s just super fast all the time and if you edit a video, for example, there’s a lot going on that you don’t see that really puts this above some other phones out there so what I mean by that is this can record 4k 60 frames per second adobe vision hdr.

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