Iphone 13 New Update And IOS 14.5 RC

April 1, 2021
Iphone 13 New Update And IOS 14.5 RC

Introduction Of iPhone 13 New Update And IOS 14.5 RC

iPhone 13 New Update And IOS 14.5 RC. We’ll talk more about that in a moment as well as upcoming Ipads pro homepod mini and much more this is your news update for the week of March 21 2021 and the first thing is apple is being fined and sued again and this time they’re being fined two million dollars in brazil for not selling their phones with chargers they include an adapter in the box to charge with but no actual plug for the wall saying that everyone has that the Brazilian agency informed apple.

That selling an iPhone in the country without a charger in the box is a violation of their consumer defense code so they get sued two million dollars there’s also a new lawsuit against Apple for the butterfly keyboard so if you have one of the MacBooks with a butterfly keyboard just like this one where you might have a 2016 MacBook.

Apply New Announcement 2021

Where you have the butterfly keyboard the spacebar isn’t working the lawsuit says that Apple knew about this and didn’t do enough to fix it or remedy the problem now they did try different versions of this so they tried to fix it and then basically gave a long warranty for years for anyone that’s experiencing the problem maybe they’ll cover it longer than that but the suit covers anyone who purchased a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard so 2016 up to about 2020 in California new york Florida Illinois and new jersey Washington and Michigan.

If you’re in one of those states you may be able to get some money for this however Apple has extended the warranty and if you have the issue they’ll just fix it for you however mine hasn’t failed and it’s a 2016 so there’s some out there still working so I know some people have had an issue but there are quite a few people who have no issues as well this past week Apple announced their 4.7 billion green bond spend is helping to create 1.2 gigawatts of clean power around the world.

New Macbook Pro 512 Gigabytes

As you go through their press release you’ll see that they’ve created projects or helped create projects in places like Reno Nevada also a wind farm outside of Chicago a solar project in Fredericksburg Virginia as well as the largest onshore wind turbines in Denmark so they announced that they continue to invest in green power around the world now as far as products this week apple discontinued the mac pro and the home pod along with limiting the availability of the 512 gigabytes and one terabyte models of the 21.5-inch iMac.

That’s no longer available however the homepod mini is their focus now according to mark german there’s a new sensor or a sensor that’s been there all along that’s not activated within the homepod mini according to mark german that senses temperature and humidity that apple could use in the future they said the company has internally discussed using the sensor to determine a room’s temperature and humidity.

Functionality Of Apple Products

So internet-connected thermostats can adjust different parts of a home-based on current conditions is according to people familiar with the situation so you could use it for automated actions and things around your home apple are also said to be working on the homepod variants with displays and cameras so to compete better probably with things like amazon echo, for example, they’re working on new projects like that this is a 99 device this homepod mini which makes it much more reasonable around the house and if you have different variants that seem to make sense in the future since Apple focuses a lot on privacy.

Things like switches like the google homes have would be much welcomed to turn off the microphone for example but it’s nice to see them continue working on homepod although I am hoping for a larger home pod too for example since that sounds much better than this now over the past few months quite a few people have been saying we’d see an apple event as soon as March 16th and then later march 23 and then we never saw any invites for that.

New AirPods Ravel

At this point, it looks like we’re not going to have a march apple event and the same people are saying we’ll have an April event so right now it seems like nobody really knows for sure but some products are coming very soon every year Apple releases new products around march usually pads and more so we’re expecting Ipads pro maybe some new air pods I’ve talked about those at length before where we’ll have redesigned AirPods 3 or AirPods pro and then also maybe some new iMacs as well with the discontinuation of those images I already mentioned.

I’m looking forward to those but it seems like there may be an April apple event but so far no one seems to know exactly when that would be so we’ll have to wait and see with that now with the iPad many people are saying that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will get a refresh this year and have mini led displays instead of its current led backlit display so the mini LEDs would allow it to have different zones to have brighter brights and darker darks, as well as maybe some better battery saving capability we’ll have to wait and see with that and then also recent information from mark german, is saying it could have thunderbolt seeing.


That the new chip a14x or whatever they decide to call it has a chipset that’s sort of based on apple’s m1 chipset it could support thunderbolt which would give us faster transfers and maybe better monitor support and maybe future features that allow for better data transfer across the device and maybe some additional features as well.

We could see all of that instead of just usbc for example and then also ming chi quo is saying the 2022 iPad air is said to adopt OLED instead of mini led where that will be an iPad pro exclusive so that makes sense with a pro feature if it’s a better display, for example, to keep it in the pro that’s usually what apple does but we’ll have promotion and things like that just like we always have now according to web bush analyst dave ives iPhone 13 is still on track for production there have been some chipset shortages around the world and iPhone 13 seems to so far not be affected by that.


So hopefully we’ll see the event in late September where they’ll announce the iPhones and have them launch sometime around that as well so the iPhone supply chain is still saying that as well as to expect touch id under the display at least for one model so a lot of people are saying there won’t be touch id some people are saying there will and face id works fine and I’ve talked about a smaller notch in the past but it seems like Apple is still working on an under the display fingerprint sensor or possibly on the button on the side like they do with the iPad air however a recent patent found by patently apple shows.

That apple has filed for a patent for a more accurate under the display touch id sensor that uses off-axis light and would not require as much space as current under the display fingerprint technology so you could just touch your phone maybe it would light up in a specific area touch your phone it would unlock accurately and securely and of course that would be very welcome these days with what we have to do with masks and things like that.

14.5 beta 5 review

So that would help and a lot of people just prefer touch id anyway so I would love to see that as an op now as far as ios are concerned the personal radio stations in ios have been sort of changed as far as the album artwork goes so here’s a station for you it’s just sort of a generic album artwork this is changed on everyone’s iPhone whether you’re on the beta or not but it seems like they’ve just changed the artwork to something generic instead of an artist that it’s going to play for you next so if you have sort of personalized playlist that apple created under stations for you it no longer shows the actual artwork.

So that’s been seen by quite a few people at this time now as far as ios 14.4.1 well apple stopped signing 14.4 which means we should see ios 14.5 or something in between very soon now I’ve talked about this at length when to expect 14.5 if there was an apple event as soon as tomorrow which it seems like there’s not going to be we would see maybe a release then, however, we’re still on beta 4. so ios 14.5 release candidate I would expect as soon as tomorrow with maybe a release to the public later next week or next month so at this point, I would expect we could see beta 5.

But most people are saying to expect the release candidate or RC which is the final version released to the public as long as there are no problems they normally release it to developers and public beta testers first and then if there are no problems with that same version gets released to the public we should see something like that as soon as tomorrow however apple has been changing this up and we’ve only been having updates every other week at this point if this is not the release candidate we could see beta 5.

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