iPhone 13 Leaks, iOS 14.5, iPhone SE, iMacs, MacBooks and more

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and this past week was filled with news about upcoming iphone 13 ipads imacs macbooks and more so this is your news update for the week of february 28 2021 although i’m recording this on march 1st and the first thing is apple is being faced with another lawsuit this time from the portuguese consumer protection agency stating that apple slowed down older phones such as the iphone 6 6 plus 6s or 6s plus like i have here in order to get people to upgrade to newer devices we’ve seen lawsuits similar to this in italy before and whether or not anything comes of them is hard to say but they’re stating that apple slowed them down knowingly in order to get users to update apple has obviously denied this many times but we’ll have to wait and see the outcomes of these potential lawsuits so it’s kind of interesting they’re also facing an investigation by the u.s government to maybe investigate sign in with apple which seems kind of odd to me saying that basically apple could be a monopoly forcing them to keep that that data private instead of giving it to applications like facebook for example so sign in with apple is something that apple wants all applications to have application makers are probably not happy about this because they want your data to be able to better either serve you ads or something else and so this is a potential investigation that may happen and hopefully we get our privacy i really appreciate that sort of sign in with apple set up so that i don’t have to share my data with every single app that i use so let me know what you think about that in the comments below now this week like i said was filled with iphone 13 news and the iphone 13 is said to come out probably in september like we would expect and according to ming chi quo he said that the iphone 13 will have 120 hertz display pro motion just like we expect on the pro models so maybe iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max it would have the ltpo display and it would also have a smaller notch now we’re not sure if it will shrink horizontally or vertically or both but it should be smaller or possibly not even there so it depends there’s been some more recent news from today stating that it may not even be there to begin with and it may have a hole punch display similar to that of what samsung has for example so that would be really interesting to see and i would welcome that i actually have that on a samsung device this is a note 20 ultra with a hole punch display and i think that looks really good and i’ve gotten used to it on this device i would love to see something similar on an iphone and be able to use face id or maybe even touch id on the power button now other than that all iphones are said to have a smaller notch or no notch like i said and they should all ship with a lightning port this year with the iphone 13s so maybe no portless iphone this year but i’ll talk about that in a moment and also it may ship with a larger battery according to ming chi quo i think a lot of people would appreciate that even if it was slightly thicker to give us a larger battery maybe a 5 000 milliamp hour battery to get us maybe a couple days use i would love to see that and maybe we’ll see that now according to john prosser and then later web bush analysts they’re saying that iphone 13 will have a one terabyte storage option as well and that they’ll also all include lidar for the cameras this makes a lot of sense since lidar is used for auto focus at night and also for augmented reality and apple’s supposed to make a big push with augmented reality so it makes a lot of sense to have that now there’s been some conflicting information about portless iphones but apple’s at least looking at it and according to apollosafe they’ve said that apple’s preparing a portless iphone and how you would restore that for example so for example there’s a few different ways you could do this you could have an internet recovery by pushing a couple different button combinations and that would be similar to what you get on a mac so you could restore over the internet and it would fully wipe the phone you could also have a built-in version of that where it would just have the operating system on a different sort of area and then be able to recover it and then also you could do something where it would attach to your computer over the local network similar to what apple did with the early macbook air where maybe you wanted a cd and wanted to install something and the macbook air didn’t have a drive it would just show up on your network in the finder for example and then you would be able to restore it that way and then finally it said that maybe in the sim card tray on the iphone there’ll be a port so if you had to send it in apple could diagnose it and fix it that way or maybe in an apple store where they could pop the sim card tray out pop in their own sim card that had some connectors on it with maybe pogo pins and then connect to it and fix it the apple watch has a similar setup but you have to send it in to do that and it’s actually hidden underneath the strap so underneath here there’s a little port and then you can access that depending on which watch you have they can access the port and then diagnose and fix it accordingly so we may see something like that with the iphone in the future but apple’s at least working on it right now and we may not see anything for a little while now when it comes to the iphone se there’s some conflicting information as to when we’ll see the next one according to mac otakara we may see it as soon as april 2021 or early next month to launch alongside the new airpods so airpods 3 or airpods pro 2 or both and we could see a se with a larger display and then touch id on the fingerprint sensor potentially with those touch gestures that we have with the newer iphones i would welcome that sort of change a larger iphone similar to the iphone 8 but with touch id on the side makes a lot of sense today and i would love to see that but then ming chi kuo is saying we won’t see an iphone sc replacement until 2022 so it’s hard to say which one is correct here we’ll have to wait and see but i would welcome a larger one and then maybe a replacement for both next year but right now it looks like maybe next year at the earliest it’s just hard to say with conflicting information that would launch alongside redesigned airpods i’ve talked about that last week where we would have new airpods pro and new air pods in general that would both have spatial audio and then the noise canceling would remain on the pro side so that would be really great to see now according to enostar which is a taiwan-based company they’re said to have begun production on the next gen ipad pro with a mini led backlit display so they’re supposedly manufacturing the displays which would give us maybe brighter displays but also deeper blacks as they would have mini leds for the backlight and be able to better control different zones for that it’s said to only be for the ipad pro 12.9 inch and it’s said to launch late first quarter or second quarter so that could be march or maybe april so that makes sense going along with those airpods launched as well so we could see that very very soon now when it comes to ios ios 14.5 beta 2 gains an update which i thought was pretty interesting that people hadn’t found until recently if you have powerbeats pro they will now show up in find my so if you’re using find my we’ll go into that and within find my you can see that it’s located it i can play a sound and it has directions so this has been updated to include it in find my now with 14.5 beta 2. now as far as ios 14.5 beta 3 i would expect it as soon as tomorrow tuesday or wednesday generally that’s when apple has been releasing them lately and we’ll have some updates and i’ll cover that as well i would expect a public release of ios 14.5 a little bit later in march based on what we’ve been seeing lately so if apple releases airpods pro for example in march along with an ipad i would expect some sort of update around that time although apple has been really random in how they’ve been releasing betas lately and public releases so i wouldn’t be so sure about every single date but at least expect a beta sometime this week based on what they’ve done every single week for years and years now as far as macbooks there’s been some exciting news coming from that and we can expect to see new macbooks this year as apple transitions everything to apple silicon so for example it said that we’re going to have new macbook pros so we’ll have a 14 and 16 inch macbook pro with apple’s new silicon in it along with mini led displays in the second half of 2021 according to digi times so this is the 13 inch macbook pro it’s one of my favorite devices apple has ever made lately it’s super fast compact has great battery life and just seems to last days for battery when i’m using it regularly it edits footage very fast and we could see a larger display with them pushed out more to the bezels for example and maybe getting getting rid of the touch bar so i would welcome that i don’t really use the touch bar but i know some people will be disappointed by that but the most exciting news about it is an update to the ports so we only have two usb thunderbolt ports here but we could get many more so it said that we’re going to get our sd card back as well as the ability to have hdmi on the side like we’ve had in the past this makes a lot of sense it’s a very commonly used port and it’s probably what most people buy the dongles for if you want to use an sd card for example it’s a pain to have to use a dongle for that it makes a lot of sense sd cards are here to stay for quite some time even though there’s other standards such as xqd and things like that but right now i think it makes a lot of sense to bring back that sd card port and hdmi as well as some additional ports as well if we see that i don’t think we’ll see new usb ports but we should see these later this year as apple continues to update their macs now apple continues to be working on what looks to be new finishes for the macbook so right now this is aluminum in space gray but we could see titanium brought back as we have with the watch for example so we have titanium watches but when you have bigger surfaces like this they can have fingerprints especially on metals such as titanium a new patent found by patently apple seems to refer to coatings they’re working on to keep those fingerprints off the metal so we could have some sort of coating similar to oleophobic coatings we have on displays to help with fingerprints as well so when you touch the back of this display for example or the back of the iphone 12 pro max because it’s a matte finish it doesn’t show a lot of fingerprints we could see something very similar to that on upcoming macbooks and i would definitely welcome a new titanium macbook it would be thin strong light and also super durable so hopefully we see something like that now something i’m looking forward to them updating very much is the new imac apple is said to be coming out with one very soon and the imac design has been here for a very long time and according to john prosser it could get colors again like we have with the ipad air it would look similar to a pro display xtr but have apple’s new silicon in it maybe a new gpu graphics processing unit to make it even faster than what we have with the macbooks for example so i really welcome something like that the pro display xdr is really great to look at and having something like that in imac form would be even better so hopefully we’ll see those soon in those colors what color do you like best let me know in the comments below now patently apple has continued to find patents showing that apple is working on things like ar and vr glasses this time around they found something that looks like an accessory that you would slide onto your fingers to help control the display with gestures so as you have glasses on or maybe a headset you could swipe you could pinch to zoom things like that and you could use your fingers to do that where the headset would track that similar to what you would have with an oculus now with a controller but you would use your fingers to do all of the different gestures and motions and if they can get this right it could be really great and so that’s all of the news this past week quite a few things about the upcoming iphone quite a few things about max i’m very excited about what are you most excited about let me know in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time [Music] you

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