iPhone 13, iOS 14.5, New iPads, AirPods, Apple Glass and more

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and this past week there’s been a lot of news about the upcoming iphone 13 or iphone 12s if apple calls it that instead as well as new ipads air pods apple glass and more so this is your news update for the week of february 14 2021 and the first thing has to do with locked phones or activation locked phones in fact apple made it easier to activation unlock your phone if you’re having that issue so if you go to apple’s new activation lock support website you can now turn off activation lock now of course you’ll have to have access to your apple id and password or if you forgot the password you have to have access to that email address beyond that if you don’t have either of those you can get started with a support request where if you can verify the purchase of your phone you should be able to unlock it so it’s a little bit easier than going to an apple store or calling apple support you can do it right through the website and of course i’ll link that in the description now along with that if you have a macbook pro 2016 or 2017 macbook pro that won’t charge past one percent well if you have one of those that won’t charge like this one this one actually will charge but if it won’t charge apple may offer you a free battery replacement and so on their website you can get a battery replacement if you go through these steps to make sure that your device is working properly but just won’t charge and if that’s an issue for you you can set up an appointment with any of the supported 13 or 15 inch macbook pros from 2016 or 2017. it’s specific to those devices it only affects some of them but if you’re having that issue they’ve offered this program and again i’ll link that in the description now the first news has to do with apple’s vr and ar headsets there’s new patents that show some of apple’s headsets may have different sort of lenses that will adjust to make viewing more comfortable so there’s a patent that shows this information and then also they would use advanced eye tracking to allow for maybe controlling the interface just by looking at it so that would be really interesting along with gestures and maybe a virtual keyboard so that you could type in the air just using your fingers and it would recognize that with its 12 plus cameras so it could look something like this and this is thanks to antonio darosa who made these concepts and allowed me to use them but if it looks anything like this whether or not the name is correct is hard to say but if it looks anything like this i think it would be really interesting to use a virtual reality headset like this so i’m looking forward to that and then aside from the virtual reality headset apple is still working on an augmented reality headset where it would overlay different information over your current reality or your current wherever you are maybe while you’re walking down the street you can overlay directions and apple is said to be working on micro oled for this so not micro led but micro oled that would better project over those displays so it could look something like this again this is from antonio derosa and so maybe it’ll look something like this in the future but both of those are still a couple years out either way so hopefully we’ll see something like that but i’m really looking forward to see what apple has and what they can do better than say the current ones out there oculus rift for example now as far as the next iphones iphone 13 or iphone 12s well according to john prosser despite the poor sales of the iphone 12 mini according to recent news saying it’s only selling about five percent of all iphones with the iphone 12 series apple is said to be making an iphone 13 mini or iphone 12 s mini so i’ll just call it iphone 13 for now but it could be called the 12s but they’re said to be making a mini version of that as well and i think that’s the right move for those that still want a small phone so we should see that next year we also may see portless iphones for the high-end pro models and it’s hard to say if we’ll see this but this comes along the side of what max weinbeck said where we’ll see stronger magnets on the back with magsafe so with that we could have data transfer through that port instead of having a port on the bottom now we would only see this with the pro models if this information is true but hopefully we’ll see something like that i actually am not against a portless iphone as long as you can transfer data somehow physically connected so it would be interesting to see that now also according to john prosser we still may see the under display fingerprint sensor so while with ios 14.5 we can use our apple watch in tandem with the iphone to unlock the phone if you’re wearing a mask and under the display fingerprint sensor would be welcome where you press your finger on it and it unlocks along with maybe still face id so i would still love to see that hopefully we’ll see something like that also those who are concerned about their phone getting too warm while apple is said to be working on a vapor chamber to help with cooling according to ming chi quo and we see that technology in a lot of different phones from samsung and other manufacturers where it just helps get some of that heat off of the processor and give you better performance over time so that wouldn’t surprise me if they do something like that now according to max weinbach on a leak with everything apple pro apple is still said to have 120 hertz promotion display in the next iphone that’s almost a certainty from all of the different leaks we’re hearing so i think that’s the right move of course that makes a lot of sense because that’s the one thing apple didn’t do this here also iphone 13 is said to get an always on display similar to what we have with say android with the pixel phone so if i turn this off you’ll see we have an always on display with the time and maybe a notification with the weather we could see something very similar to this with the battery status below where it’s always on this doesn’t burn in the phone and doesn’t use much power on any of the phones that use it since it’s sort of a black and white display that dims it and then these move around to prevent burn into the display so we could see something like that with iphone 12s 13. i would really like to see that i know a lot of people have been wanting that and that makes a lot of sense if apple is going to 120 hertz display where they can ramp up the speed and slow it down similar to what they can do with the apple watch where this isn’t always on display if i move my wrist away it sort of stays on dims and then goes down to about 1 hertz or 10 hertz to save power so we could definitely see something like that there’s also said to be an astrophotography mode coming to the iphone cameras so with the next iphone we could see better night performance and then astrophotography where you could take a photo of stars better or maybe the moon and it could use the neural engine to better process that information so we could see that along with a video mode that has portraits so not only portrait for photo but video which makes a lot of sense we’ve seen this again in samsung phones but you could edit the depth of field after you take the video which would be really interesting again we’ve seen that but to have it done really well by apple is something i would look forward to where we can have depth of field that looks natural and is controllable after the fact that would be really nice to see so all of those are said to be coming to the next iphone and i’m looking forward to those now as far as updates are concerned apple released watch os 7.3.1 to the public now this is specific to the apple watch series 5 and se and it’s to fix an issue where it wouldn’t charge now we saw something similar to this last week with a mac os update where certain macs wouldn’t charge so it looks like there was some weird code that they fixed and hopefully it will be resolved it’s not necessarily available to all apple watches series 5 and se are specifically mentioned and there’s quite a few people saying they’re not seeing it yet for the other devices however as far as an ios update well i would expect ios 14.4.1 or some other similar public release as soon as tomorrow and the reason i say that is a week or so ago or almost two weeks ago now apple stopped signing ios 14.3 which means there’s only one version that you’re able to downgrade to or really restore your phone with normally when that happens within two weeks there’s a public release so it wouldn’t surprise me if we see something released as soon as tomorrow maybe even later today at this point to fix issues with ios 14.3 maybe with green tint or some other security updates or fixes that people might be needing so we could see that and also i would expect ios 14.5 beta 2. it’s been two weeks since last thursday it’s been a couple weeks since we had a release of beta 1 and since we’re on what seemingly seems to be a two-week cycle i would expect a beta release so that seems to be probable as well normally we’ll have maybe a beta release with a public release the day after sometimes the same day but expect some releases this week also picture-in-picture seems to be working on youtube again with ios 14.5 so if you were using picture-in-picture on safari with youtube you should be able to use it so let’s try it out so here’s my video from yesterday let’s swipe up and picture in picture is working this is on the beta whether or not this continues to work is completely up to youtube but it seems to be working in safari which is always nice so we have the option for picture-in-picture now to be working in 14.5 if you use safari so hopefully they’ll keep that there now as far as a march apple event it looks like it still may be on according to john prosser and we can expect some new ipads pro there so the 12.9 inch like this maybe an 11 inch and there’s also rumors of an ipad mini as well that i’ve mentioned before but expect at least an ipad pro with an updated processor maybe even more ram than we have with this one and of course with the pro motion display which is buttery smooth that i can’t wait to see on an iphone also john prosser is saying to still expect airpods so along with that we could have some new airpods pro maybe airpods pro 3. a couple days ago i posted apple discounting airpods pro significantly on amazon they were selling them directly on amazon for about seventy dollars less than normal retail and they were brand new so i linked that on twitter the other day and apple was selling them so it looks like maybe they’re getting rid of some stock for upcoming versions it’s really hard to say but it looks like we should have some air pods pro too soon and air pods 3 soon as well so expect something along those lines with a march event also john prosser is saying to expect air tags and we’ve heard a lot about that it was been in the code for a very long time and air tags would allow us to put a little tag on an item and then track that if we lost it or just know where it is and so all of the code is ready to go within ios and it seems to be there within find by so we’re just basically waiting for apple to release the product we know it’s there some people have said we won’t see it until maybe the fall event but john prosser is saying march so we’ll have to wait and see you just never know with air tags at this point it’s kind of been in the code forever and ready to go and we just haven’t seen it so i’m looking forward to it either way and hopefully we’ll see it soon now i’m looking forward to all of those things and really i’m looking forward to 120 hertz display on my iphone as well as which we should see in june so all of those things i’m looking forward to let me know what you’re looking most forward to in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time [Music] you

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