iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2021?

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and the iphone 11 may still be the best phone for most people in 2021 so i wanted to talk a little bit about that and talk about why i think that for a lot of people i still recommend it today and this phone was introduced in september of 2019 apple has since kept it with the release of the iphone 12 series phones and they’ve lowered the price and so now the iphone 11 is less expensive still has the same specs and is a great size overall but now is a hundred dollars less than it was last year which means it starts at 599 and goes up to 749 that’s without any deals from apple whatsoever so whether or not you have extra deals on top of that with trade-ins from apple or your carrier i’ve seen these as good as buy one get one free so it really depends on what your carrier is offering but they come in three different variants as far as storage still 64 128 or 256 gigabytes and of course you have different colors this is the green color but we also had a newer purple color for the same year as well as white black yellow and product red so you have all of those different options and you have what seems to be sort of the sweet spot in size for many people you have a 6.1 inch display which i’ll talk about more in a little bit but the display and the overall size is very comfortable in the hand it’s in between a very large phone and a very small phone so even with the introduction of say the iphone 12 series phones this year it’s still a decent size it’s a little bit bigger than the iphone 12 but it has a similar size display now as far as the phone overall in its build i think that’s one reason people may still like it as well it’s aluminum on the outside edge so it’s aluminum around the outside edge with sort of that curved design we’ve had for many years a lot of people still really like the curved design and it’s got the familiar volume buttons on the left hand side so your volume buttons and your silent switch nothing on the top and then on the other side of course your power sleep wake button as well as your sim card tray so you have all of those things that are very familiar and then on the bottom of course you’ve got lightning with a symmetrical microphone and speaker grille the lightning port is a little off-center though but that’s just how they made these phones of course you have glass front and back which helps with things like wireless charging and it just has a very nice feel to it overall it doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything as far as overall build quality and anything else durability wise this phone has proven to be very durable in my use so unlike the iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max this one seems to hold up a little bit better against scratches for some reason so if you’re not using a screen protector and this one has not had one on it it has zero scratches on it it’s held up incredibly well and it works well of course it has face id which works very simply lock the phone pick it up and it’s just as fast as anything else when it comes to face id so you’ve got all the benefits of today’s phones but you also have a less expensive price now as far as the display this is the most controversial thing i think for anyone with this phone is many people say well it’s a low resolution display it’s not that great and i would argue that it’s just as good as most of the others if not better in many ways it’s very color accurate compared to other phones including the iphone at 12 pro max so if i unlock my 12 pro max here put it next to it despite it being an an lcd versus an oled of the 12 pro max no it’s not going to be as vibrant or have its deep blacks but many people think it’s more color accurate with the whites the whites on the iphone 12 pro max tend to be a little bit warmer with the 11 being probably a little bit more accurate if i go into settings for example you can see the difference here it’s quite dramatic and let me make sure true tone is turned off so you can see the difference true tone is off on both of these phones and now you can see the difference between the colors so there is a difference in the colors with the 11 verse the 12 pro max or any of the newer oled phones you also have the advantage that it doesn’t use pwm so pwm is a way of modulating the brightness on oled displays so the 12 pro max for example flickers the screen faster or slower and that can actually cause people to have headaches or cause them even to feel nauseated and the 11 because it’s an lcd doesn’t control brightness that way while you can’t see it with your eyes you can see it with a slow motion camera and it’s definitely something that bothers people’s eyes and it’s about one in ten so if you can see faster frame rates it usually will bother you myself included so you don’t get that with the iphone 11. now technically you do have that lower resolution display like i said that’s 1792 by 828 pixels however even though it’s below 1080p but above 720p you still have 326 pixels per inch so you can’t really see the pixels unless you put this right up next to your eye and you can focus that close but you also get the advantage that it’s a vibrant screen it supports hdr video for example so here’s one of my videos i recorded with the 12 pro max which records an hdr we’ll go ahead and hit play i’ll turn it down and you can see that if we go to the options for video we actually have up to 4k hdr now even though this display is not a 4k display it will scale it down so you get the higher bit rates of say 1440p and 2160p or 4k and you also get to view it in hdr so you don’t lose any advantage that you have with say the 12 pro max even or the 12 series phones watching hdr video it just may not go as bright as some of those other phones at its max brightness but it can view hdr content without a problem on youtube now the screen has haptic touch all of apple’s phones have gone away or done away with 3d touch so it has haptic touch where you can press and hold and it works fine i do wish they’d bring 3d touch back but that seems to be gone for now but you do have all of those same options just by pressing and holding but with the iphone 11 you still have the fast a13 bionic with four gigs of ram so if you’re playing a game like fortnite or among us you’re not going to have any disadvantages when you’re using this as compared to say an iphone 12 series phones i haven’t really seen any difference when it comes to gaming you’ll be able to export 4k video with things like imovie without a problem and you’re scrolling and everything else will be smooth and the lower resolution display compared to the oled displays for example tend to be a little bit smoother because you’re not pushing as many pixels with the same processor so you probably will have even less lags due to that but you won’t be able to see the pixels like i said now as far as battery life well this phone’s quite good it’s not as good as some of the big phones today but it’s got a 310 milliamp hour battery in it which is good for seven to eight hours of screen on time with most users so depending on what you’re doing if you’re gaming all day of course you’re going to get less battery life and that’s just kind of the nature of doing intensive processes but if you’re using it regularly to use social media listening to some music maybe occasionally using the camera you shouldn’t have any issues getting through the day now along with the battery life being pretty decent on the iphone 11 you also have the option to wireless charge even using apple’s new mag safe adapter so if you place that on the back it will start to charge but you don’t get the fast wireless charging like you do with the iphone 12. it doesn’t have a magnet ring while it does it here kind of magnetically and centers itself to charge you don’t get the fast 15 watt wireless charging with it but you can charge it about 7.5 watts with this charger and also you get fast wired charging as well so if you pick up one of the new charging bricks from apple it does not include a charging brick at all with it this year they’ve taken that out of the iphone 11 if you get a new one if you get a left over iphone 11 the box will have an adapter in it but it won’t be the fast charging adapter so if you do want to fast charge you have to pick up this adapter for about 20 whether that be the 18 or 20 watt adapter and then you can charge your phone 50 in about 30 minutes so if you want to do that you can i prefer wireless charging and you don’t have to use magsafe you can use anything else any qi compatible wireless charger but it’s just convenient and super easy to use but if you have any other iphone charger lying around you can use that as well since we’re using lightning now as far as the cameras go the cameras are fantastic they’re 12 megapixel cameras they record 4k 60. the only disadvantage that you get over this year’s cameras is they don’t record an hdr so you don’t have hdr video recording which i think that will be a bigger thing in the next year or two for everyone to watch on youtube for example but you can still view them with this phone but you have your regular camera and then you have an ultrawide i don’t think it’s a big deal that it doesn’t have telephoto because even in say the 12 pro max for example when you take a telephoto picture if the lighting is good it will use the main camera and just zoom in with the sensor so you can jump into wide there or go back to 1x or zoom when you’re zooming into 2x you’re really not going to notice the difference between a photo with this or a newer phone that has a telephoto lens most people won’t be able to tell the difference unless you put it on a huge screen and then blow it up that way now the forward facing camera also does 4k video so if i turn it around here now i’m recording with the camera of the iphone 11. the forward-facing video does 4k 60 as well again no hdr but it looks great if you want to use it for vlogging i’m even using the microphone out of the iphone 11 right now and generally it sounds pretty good even compared to my studio mic that’s right here so let me know what you think about it in the comments below now when it comes to lte and wi-fi the iphone 11 is quite good it doesn’t have 5g and that’s really not an issue since most areas are still sort of ramping up their coverage with that so it has 4g lte and wi-fi and i found that when i use this as my main phone with my sim card in it i tend to have a really good connectivity in it despite it having an intel modem inside so there’s something about this aluminum frame being the antenna for stainless steel on say the iphone 11 pro or iphone 11 pro max where it seems to have really good connectivity so i wouldn’t be concerned about that i had great reception i didn’t have dropped calls and it seemed to work really well on the 11 versus the pro models so there’s something to be said for that now this phone does have an ip rating it is water or dust sealed for 2 meters for 30 minutes now if you were to submerge this go swimming with it something like that and it did damage the phone apple won’t cover that so you still want a waterproof case and that even goes for the iphone 12 series phones so this is two meters for up to 30 minutes it means if you splash it with water it’s not going to be a problem but if you submerge it for a long period of time it may cause damage but either way it should be protected from daily use or maybe some rain and things like that now as far as software support i would expect this phone to be supported for at least four more years apple lately has been supporting their phones for up to six years with the iphone 6s plus so with the iphone 11 being that it has only a one year old cpu in it i would expect at least four more years of regular ios updates so that means up to about ios 18 maybe even ios 19 so we should have years of updates left on the iphone 11. and so should you buy the iphone 11 in 2021 well i would say that really depends on are you really into technology do you have to have the best display or do you just want a phone that’s reliable has a good display will play hdr and has decent speakers as well i didn’t mention the speakers but they get nice and loud compared to today’s phones too i don’t think you’ll have any issues there they’re nice and loud they’re clear they’re stereo from the top and bottom and so they tend to work really well so i would definitely recommend this in 2021 especially if you can get a discount with trading in an old phone maybe you’re going from an iphone 6s plus you want to get something similar in size but it’s not so expensive well you could get this one usually with a trade-in for less money and then also there’s deals from your carriers like i mentioned earlier in the video so if you can get one of those deals then absolutely pick one of these up if you’re not getting a deal and it was a choice between this phone and say a newer phone and the money is not an issue well then definitely go for the iphone 12 because that’s going to have the latest design if you like the squared off edges and it’s going to have hdr video recording and that oled display that all of the phones get in 2021 so with the 12 series so that’s where i would pick up the newer iphone 12 otherwise if that doesn’t matter to you go for the 11 it’s reliable it works well and i think it’s the one that most people should pick up i’d love to hear from you what you decided to get this year or if you’re looking to get an iphone 11 let me know in the comments below also if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper i’ll link it in the description like i normally do if you haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time [Music] you

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