iOS 14.4 Beta 1 – More New Features

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and ios 14.4 beta 1 has been out for one or two days depending on whether or not you’re using the developer version or the public beta version and it’s not currently available to the public so that will be later on but i wanted to talk about a couple questions people have asked me about this update and then also go over some new features now in my initial video of ios 14.4 there really wasn’t anything new that we could find except for one feature i knew about but didn’t mention because i wasn’t able to show it to you now i am and i’ve figured that out and wanted to share it with you in mo in a moment but the first thing is people are asking me every day is the 5g dual sim option working yet and what they mean by that is if you use an iphone with 5g which means an iphone 12 pro max an iphone 12 pro iphone 12 or iphone 12 mini you can use 5g if you have it supported by your carrier carrier and in your area however if you’re using it you’ll need to use your regular sim card along with your esim and they’re currently not working together so you can’t use 5g at the same time you can use 5g and 4g at the same time but not dual 5g and apple apparently has said they’re going to fix this with a software update but so far it’s not in this beta now the next thing is there’s a new feature in accessibility so if we go to settings and then we scroll down to accessibility and then we go to voiceover under voiceover there’s rotor actions under rotor actions there’s a new option for direct touch apps if i tap on this i have access to all sorts of apps so you could just pick the app store or the apple store and if you’re using voiceover and rotor actions you’ll be able to use this now and so it says direct touch allows voiceover to control an app directly without requiring more interaction and you’ll see on ios 14.3 which i have on the iphone 7 here we’ll go into settings and then we go to accessibility then voiceover then go down to rotor actions you’ll see the option for direct touch apps is not there so it’s been added in 14.4 beta 1. now there’s a new feature and this is the one i knew about but wasn’t able to show you and the reason was is this has to do with handoff from your iphone to a homepod mini now homepod mini is a really nice speaker but you will need this on the beta as well and that’s why i wasn’t able to reproduce it because you need this on 14.4 beta 1. so you need the homepod version of ios 14.4 and so i’ve installed that and before you could play a song and just tap the homepod mini and it would transfer the music however there’s a feature where you can just get near it and it will transfer and that’s something that apple showed off in its initial sort of videos of this now i have a song selected and as you can see here already it says homepod mini right homepod and it says starting now now as i get closer to the home pod it will actually start to vibrate the phone more and more and then the light comes up brighter on the homepod mini and it jumps and so the music jumps from your home pop from your iphone to your homepod mini and it just sort of feels magical as it jumps there’s sort of a haptic feedback where it jiggles the phone and then goes here and then goes away and starts playing so it’s kind of interesting they’ve done that and you can see it’s just starting now so again i can just go closer and it’ll start playing if i want it to do that and so i’ll stop it and we’re back to normal so it’s a kind of a neat feature that they’ve added and it works with any homepod mini as you get close to it it’s just sort of interesting that they’ve made it kind of simple so if i bring it back you’ll see that it’s all the sudden shows up on my phone if i bring it away it goes away so again and then the light gets brighter as i get closer until it jumps so it’s just really interesting how that works and it’s kind of a neat feeling on the phone as well so i’m glad to see they’ve done that and it will be in 14.4 when it’s available to the public now when you go into settings there’s something else that’s new as well so under settings if you scroll down and you tap on passwords and it looks for your face or your touch id to recognize who it is so that you can get into your passwords you’ll be presented with a little icon that says passwords are locked and it’ll pop up face id in front of it and then it will unlock and show you the password so that little icon is new i wasn’t able to find it on 14.3 so that shows up now additionally there’s a new option in shortcuts as well now with 14.3 they added back the ability to create or set a wallpaper using a shortcut however there’s now the option if you go to show more after you have it set to actually go to perspective zoom and what that means is it gives you sort of that parallax effect as you tilt the phone you can see behind the icons so now you have perspective zoom as an option so you add your photo where it’s grabbing the photo from with the wallpaper and then you go to wallpaper and you can set the lock screen or the home screen and then again you can show a preview and then have perspective zoom on or off if you don’t want it if you have show preview on the option disappears so turn off show preview and then there’s perspective zoom so it’s a nice little option that’s there now in addition to these features some people have asked has it fixed the overheating problems or the phone warming up and it seems like quite a few people are saying that yes it will perform really well but not get as hot with this update so a lot of people are saying it’s just not as warm as it was before so that’s a great thing so i know a lot of people get concerned about that the phone’s getting too hot sometimes even too hot to hang on to now it seems to be fixed with 14.4 beta 1. now as far as performance well i still do have that stutter sometimes when i go into an app and close it it will sort of jitter away or have a frame rate drop and so this is something they need to fix which i’m sure they’ll fix with future updates as well battery has been good for the past couple of days given that i just installed an update so i’ll show you here but i wouldn’t really count on this as it usually takes a few days to measure that for sure but you can see yesterday i only had a couple hours of screen on time and six hours and 56 minutes of screen off time and used about 30 percent of my battery with all of that usage it’s actually pretty good but again it’s doing a lot in the background after you install an initial update so give it a few days to actually stabilize now of course we’re waiting for beta 2 which will probably not be until january based on what we’ve seen with the previous release of 14 point or 13.4 last year so based off what apple did last year with their releases technically we should see a break between now and january and then they’ll release beta 2. now they could change that of course and hopefully they get out more updates before the end of the year but with the holiday being right around the corner we probably won’t see anything until after the beginning of next year and so that’s it for those new features hopefully i can find more and if i do of course i’ll share those in an additional follow-up look for my follow-up of 14.3 with all the community poll this coming weekend if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time [Music] you

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