Google Pixel New Update With New Features What’s New Must Read

April 1, 2021
Google Pixel New Update With New Features What's New Must Read

Introduction Of Google Pixel New Update With New Features What’s New Must Read

Google Pixel New Update With New Features What’s New Must Read.  March 2021 security update is now rolling out to Pixel devices and soon to other devices now you may already have it if you have something like a note 20 ultra for example or maybe a few days later or a few weeks later that’s up to the manufacturer.

But it’s currently out for supported Pixel devices and you should be getting it soon if you haven’t already and that means it supports the pixel 3 3xl 3a 3axl 4 4xl 4a and 4a 5g and pixel 5 that I have here and so this particular update brings a bunch of security updates as well as this year’s first-pixel feature drop and so let’s take a look at the build number then we’ll talk about.

What’s new and as you can see here it says your system is up to date and it’s got the march 5th 2021 update even though it’s not marching 5th yet so let’s take a look at the build number and you can see here as it scrolls by it says 11 rq2a.210305.006 and this particular update like I said brings security and more but let’s first talk about the new features and the first thing is voice recognition.

If you’re using the board to use it for text if that’s your main keyboard you’ll have some updates coming soon if you don’t have them already so if we go into say docs for example and in google docs if you use the microphone button you’ll have some better voice recognition and enhanced voice recognition and better understanding and you can send commands such as clear to clear things off now mine is not showing up yet normally.

You’ll have a bar at the bottom that shows like the google assistant even though I have the newest update it’s not showing but you can tell that with the little bar that’s showing up and then I could say things like the word clear for example and it would go back and clear things out for whatever reason it’s not on my pixel device.

But they do roll these out slowly unfortunately this feature is only available for the Pixel 4 series 4a 4a 5g and pixel 5. so that feature is not available for anything else but you’ll see it’s keeping up nicely but it doesn’t have the enhanced features just yet, unfortunately.

So hopefully I’ll see that soon not everyone is seeing it just yet now to go along with that if you use google recorder, for example, let’s find that here in google recorder you can backup your data and you’ll back up automatically if you have recordings you can keep it offline but I want to back it up it will back up to google drive and the new thing here is if I record a voice text memo or whatever we’re recording.

Now you can see these online after you’re done using this so it’s similar to what we had before where we can access all of our different voice recordings but now we’ll be able to not only access the audio we can access the transcript online and so I’ll pause this here and I won’t add a location and then I’ll just save it as pixel feature drop there we go I’ll hit save and then it will save online and I’ll be able to see it at as you can see here.

So if we go there we’ll wait for it to load and you can watch this we’ll just go to my recordings here and now you can see my recordings at the website here so you’ll be able to access this anywhere you have access to the internet and you can go to your pixel feature drop and the transcript is there as well although it’s kind of overlapping here you get the idea so it’s there which is nice and that’s a slight update to this.

Now another thing they’ve updated is smart compose has been around for a while in google docs and Gmail but the feature has been updated and will support more apps in the future now this works well if you’ve ever used it will go into Gmail so I can show you and maybe you want to email someone I can say hi how are you today and it finishes it for me I can just swipe and it finishes the sentence it works well and it works online and everywhere else.

But they’re bringing it to more apps the unfortunate thing is this is only available to devices in the united states on pixel devices only and only in English for now so hopefully they’ll update that in the future now the next thing has to do with google fit if you’re using google fit there’ll be some additional features soon now.

I’m not seeing these yet unfortunately but one of them is you can now measure your heart rate when you go into google fit and it will use your camera to measure your heart rate similar to what older Samsung devices did where you would put your finger over an optical sensor it would measure your heart rate that way and it will also measure your breathing as well using the forward-facing camera and some technology.

Where it can see your chest move and sense your breathing so those things are being added with the google fit update again I’m not seeing this but it is rolling out soon so if you’re not seeing it give it a few days maybe a week or so and it will roll out to everyone else now there are some new wallpapers as well so if we go into our wallpapers here we’ll press and hold on the home screen go-to styles and wallpapers scroll down and you’ll see it says the curated culture.

Now there are six new wallpapers and this is for international women’s day 2021 and women’s history month and so there are some different ones by artists here you can see there’s one here’s the next one and there’s quite a few so you can pick from any of these six here if you want.

But as you can see there are some new ones here for women’s history month as well now if you have a google pixel stand there’s an additional feature that will help you when you go to sleep with some new visualizations so let me see if I can turn on bedtime mode and get it to come up I wasn’t able to get it to come up earlier.

Today and let’s see if I can get that to activate you can see my device is now black and white and that’s to sort of discourage you from using it to help you go to sleep so we’ll put it on the pixel stand and you’ll see it’s charging and we’ll see if we get any different visualizations and nothing new yet now again this is supposed to be rolling out with the feature drop soon.

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