Google Pixel January 2021 Update is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and today the android 11 january 2020 security update has been released for all supported devices this was a fairly small update on my pixel 5 that i have here and my pixel 4 xl and the update was this is just a screenshot of when i was updating it 27.23 megabytes it’s about the same size on both devices and you can see here’s the update here so it says now we’re up to date and i was able to update it a little bit earlier now this particular update has changed as far as its overall availability to pixel devices the pixel 2 and 2xl are no longer supported so now we have the pixel 3 3a 4 4a 4a 5g and 5 and then all the xl variants of that and you can see all of the build numbers there and the build numbers vary depending on device just a little bit but we have the pixel 5 with the rq1a.210105.003 build number and so with those build numbers comes a few new changes and security updates now this update may already be available for your samsung device so if you have a samsung device you may have this update as well or if you have an android one device you might have it as well but right now it’s rolling out to pixel devices and you should get it soon if you’re not seeing it already now there’s some improvements in this particular update and i’ll go through what devices are supported for those improvements the first one comes for audio for the pixel 5 specifically so further tuning and improvements for the volume level of the system sounds has been updated so if you were having some odd system sounds when a notification comes in or maybe the ringer rings on the phone it should be fixed they should be more consistent and tuned properly now on the pixel 4a 5g specifically there’s also a fix for the issue causing speaker noise in certain scenarios so if your phone was buzzing when it was playing out of the speaker on the 4a 5g that should now be resolved now on the pixel 4a 4a 5g and pixel 5 there’s further improvements for auto brightness with specific lighting conditions so if you have auto brightness turned on it should be more accurate now and not going super bright or super dark and it should help with battery as well if it’s keeping it a little bit lower now there was also some issues with all of the supported pixel devices from the three to the five when certain apps would just crash so maybe you’re opening the camera for example and the camera app would crash so maybe you were opening youtube or maybe gmail or the camera app or any of those and they were randomly intermittently crashing well it appears that this has been patched and android 11’s january update fixes it now the next fix has to do with the sensors inside the phones on all supported devices from the pixel 3 to the pixel 5. so there’s been improvements to auto rotation response so maybe you’re in chrome and it’s rotating or it’s not working properly it should now work properly when you go from portrait to landscape it should rotate as expected so that should be fixed on all devices and then the final bug fix has to do with your phone and that’s specific to all devices as well so it fixes an issue on certain mvno networks so instead of using maybe at t or t-mobile or verizon in the united states you’re using someone else a third-party carrier basically that goes through them it should now work properly and stop you from preventing calls so your calls should actually go through now now as far as fixes that’s all that’s in this update but there are some security updates as well there’s quite a few of them so i’ll just go through them quickly but on all supported devices we have 16 framework security updates three media framework updates four kernel component updates one mediatek component update one google play system update and then qualcomm components there’s seven updates to that for security and then 10 qualcomm closed source component updates so all of these devices get those updates and you should have a much more secure device and then we’ll have another update next time we don’t have a pixel feature drop we had that in december so maybe we’ll have one in a few months now so as far as this update i would expect the overall responsiveness especially with things like auto rotation to be a little bit better just in using it before filming this video it seems to respond well it always responded well on my pixel 5 i really didn’t have an issue but those extra bug fixes are always welcome as far as overall battery life it just seems to get better and better on the pixel 5 xl and so it’s going to depend on how you use your phone but of course it will make a big difference on whether or not you’re using it a lot i actually took it off the charger this morning and we’re at 91 so it’s actually doing really well it seems to idle well so if you don’t charge your phone at night it seems to last fine so full full charge lasts about four days with minimal use on this phone or about a day and a half or a day or so for me so it’s pretty decent battery life for me overall so let me know how it’s going for you if you’ve got the update yet if you haven’t you can always sideload it and i also linked all of the information in the description so if you want to check out the update for yourself and see specifically what security updates were fixed you can see those as well if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time [Music] my you

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